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We are currently in a gaming renaissance as three forces, artificial and emotional intelligence, photo realistic visual rendering and natural body interface create a perfect storm. Alongside this we are seeing the widespread introduction of 3D games which will present challenges and opportunities.

The potential for deep, cinematic and satisfying game creation is available to both traditional media creators and existing game producers who want to extend their abilities. But games are also becoming more casual and social too so these workshops and seminars will help storytellers create new game IP across console, casual, online & pervasive game story, level design and game play.

The labs will merge expanded gameplay and interaction with ever-evolving storyworlds and narrative. Mentored by internationally acclaimed game writers, designers and developers this lab is a mix of

  • Half day presentations on various Game topics
  • Full day workshops on game idea development
  • Intensive 3 day – 1 week incubators designed to truly inspire your game project and develop new ideas
  • 3-9 month consultancy and remote mentoring

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