Aug 202006

LAMP has had a major part in the current build of the AFTRS presence in a virtual world called Second Life. The Island, called Esperance, has been designed and built by the LAMP team over the last month. Although not officially open until mid-September there have already been several LAMP projects afforded by the 3D shared space and many other collaborative services are planned alongside the creative AFTRS activities. For those not ‘in-world’ (which is free to join) here are some images of the LAMP areas.

LAMP centre mk.1. Three floors, presentation auditorium, networking social spaces and ten breakout/meet areas with sea views.

Lamp Centre mk 4

The main theatre, being used for screenings and presentations.

Screening Theatre

One of the LAMP interactive display areas.

LAMP Pyragoda

Already eight LAMP mentors have residencies on the island.

Residential Pod

Some of the mentoring, team and project development pods.

Mentoring Pods

Some of the LAMP project sets on the ground, many are in the air.


The arrival, welcome and lecture area.

Welcome Area

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