Nov 292005

“Why did eBay buy Skype?” – Tony Surtees

Tony helps us explore the jungle of marketing confusion as audiences and distribution rapidly alter. He points out that rather than being locked out, good media creators actually have many cross-media opportunities – there is a world of abundance created by the technology. The key resources – storage, bandwidth and communication are the cheapest, while good content is often the most expensive. How to get that content to the viewers Tony explores the concept of the long tail from the perspective of how we can reach and engage niche groups – aggregating the Long Tail. He finishes with a look at the internet ecosystem – search, access, eCommerce, ad services and aggregation.
Accompanying presentation “A short tale about a long tail” – Tony Surtees, Santa Clara Group – PDF

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A pioneer in both electronic commerce (eCommerce) and mobile commerce (mCommerce), Surtees has more than 15 years experience in marketing, strategic planning, and customer retention, gained from building businesses in over 20 countries. As founding Vice President and General Manager of Yahoo!’s Commerce Group, his innovations helped transform the world’s largest communications and information portal into the leading eCommerce destination. Under Surtees direction, Yahoo! Auctions became the world’s largest single branded auction site.

Victor Harbor 12 Oct 2005
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Audio preparation by James Christopher Murty

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