May 242006

Business vs Creativity: Mobile and Broadband Production © David Gurney 2006.

Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab in Perth in May 2006 in front of the seven teams developing emerging media projects.

David GurneyDavid looks at the digital industry in his unique way pointing out both the immaturity in the marketplace and the key opportunities. He talks about key elements of repurposing content, massaging the content for each platform, how broadband and TV can work together by allowing audiences to participate effectively. David also looks at how mobile is often driving new players into the market such as Big Brother due to the high revenue returns.

“We know that interactivity changes the way the audience feels about your show…it becomes their show” as an introduction to his award winning Dog and Cat news service David evangelises about the real empowerment that can take place in the market. He continues by pointing out the levels of engagement inside services like Everquest that starts to blur peoples perception of real life and virtual world and suggests that people who are already involved in these immersive worlds are not going back to sitting and watching a film. It is possible customise these worlds and there is money being made often aimed at young kids and ethical issues are raised.

Davids central piece is a wryly humorous look at the true economics of making money from mobile content – at least one piece at a time! He finishes by showing demos of Hoota and Snoz and a range of other surprising successes globally that have brought much acclaim on his company Blue Rocket as well as their winning Milia 360 pitching entry Urban Anarchy.

All LAMP podcasts are also published through the iTunes store.

David Gurney is a well known creator of animated cartoons. He created, produced and directed Australia’s first fully 3D animated television series, Hoota & Snoz. The series has sold worldwide into over 100 countries. David is a prolific developer of cartoon characters and concepts and with his business partner Alicia Rackett, runs Blue Rocket Productions, an award winning cartoon studio based in Hobart, Tasmania. Other animated TV produced, written and directed by David include Time Cracks (2 series), Mörmel Spots (3 series), The Dog and Cat News (2 series), Bang the Cat (2 series), and short films The Further Adventures of Stafford the Prawn and Spikey Joe’s Truck. David was also creative director of The Hoota & Snoz Official Website and The Dog and Cat News Website which won Best of the Best and Best Children’s at the 2006 AIMIA Awards. David is also involved in the creation of mobile entertainment including an exclusive deal to produce all 3D animated mobile content for Manchester United. Blue Rocket’s mobile content is sold in over 37 countries worldwide.

Perth 9 May 2006
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