Mar 012006

Design for Transmedia Audiences – Catherine Gleeson
Catherine GleesonCatherine investigates how to design for audiences that are moving across media. Using a nuts and bolts approach combined with a range of esoteric perspectives on spatial navigation, conceptual multi layering and beyond. Catherine helps us understand the unique qualities in our creativity. She looks at basic templates and how they can be used on different platforms and then ventures into the pros and cons of each from small to large mobile devices to large screen. “It is about clever thinking…” in reference to new forms of 3D navigation of large amounts of content and where remote controls themselves are becoming embedded into the ways we interact.

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Catherine has been working as a Creative Director in print and new media since 1988. She has extensive experience in information design and visual communication. Through her company Platform09, Catherine also maintains a separate creative practice. Past projects have included: collaborative, installation work for Experimenta; motion graphics, animation and multimedia design for theatre, film and video.
Sydney 12 Dec 2005
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