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CATHERINE GLEESON – “Designing the Future”

Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP Story of the Future lab in Freycinet in May 2007 in front of the eight teams developing emerging media projects.

Catherine Gleeson“Design is all about making creative decisions..The thing I want to stress today is the thinking of design, that the best designers out there are also the best thinkers…Don’t be cool, don’t impose an aesthetic on your project, don’t impose an attitude, just have faith in your guts, have faith in your own creativity, and to hell with everybody else. Someone said recently that standing out is the new fitting in, because we know we are getting into a really crowded space. Its really exciting that audiences are fragmenting but with more variety you have to be more inventive, authentic and creative yourself.”

Catherine works through the complexities of the design process drawing on 20 years experience in the field. She uses a project called Reenchantment (about fairy tales) and how she approached the creative brief and generated a style. One of the biggest issues was how to make it accessible to a broader audience given the content was on the surface quite highbrow and Catherine talks through the thoughts that made is more approachable. She goes into some details about the schematic and interactive architecture but goes back in the end to the power of environments and stories.

MP3 recording time 26.45 (9.2MB) Click to listen

Presentation presented by LAMP @ AFTRS.

Audio edited & processed by Gary Hayes


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Catherine Gleeson

Catherine has been working as a Creative Director in print and new media since 1988. She has extensive experience in information design and visual communication. Her projects include: creative direction of visitor multimedia for the National Gallery of Victoria’s (NGV), Centre for Australian Art at Federation Square.

Past work includes consultation, creative direction and design on local and international projects for clients such as: the National Geographic (Washington); the Smithsonian Institute (Washington); the American Museum of Natural History (New York); Foster’s Brewing Group; Lonely Planet and ANZ.

Through her company Platform09, Catherine also maintains a separate creative practice. Past projects have included: collaborative, installation work for Experimental; motion graphics, animation and multimedia design for theatre, film and video.

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