Mar 052007

© Marissa Cooke 2007. Marissa opens her presentation by stating there are great commonalities between storytelling in digital and traditional media.

The Presentation

Marissa Cooke. TV new media and advertising writer, new media producer – Fat Cow Motel, PSTrixi . Copywriter for many bluechip clients writing for the single screen or the multiple screens.

Marissa talks about her work on Fat Cow Motel which screened on Austar and ABC TV over different platforms including web, mobile, email and interactive TV. She discusses how fundamental story principles in this immersive experience were adapted for the multiplatform series and game.

According to Marissa, the enhanced interactivity potential and the different, multiple distribution platforms impact on the writing process. Interactivity may invigorates both the narrative and the audience through more dynamic personal two-way communication. Marissa gives some examples of this discussing how the writers engaged the audience in Fat Cow Motel. Multiple distribution platforms can add relevance and timeliness, however Marissa discusses that writing and language must be tailored to the particular media. If you could transfer the content across to another platform then it is not optimised well enough.

Marissa speaks about how the story of PSTrixi was created on the interactive platforms, a hybrid drama/game created Yahoo7!, then delivered across web, email, mobile and instant messager.

Marissa finishes her presentation by speaking about new media roles. Importantly, the new role of the writer as a concept creator and content developer.

MP3 recording time 17:47 (6.1MB) Click to listen

Presentation presented by AFTRS and the Australian Council as part of Story of the Future.


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Audio recording by Peter Giles, Description Tanya Vale

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