May 222006

Disruption, Changing Audiences and New Business Models © Duane Varan 2006.

Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab in Perth in May 2006 in front of the seven teams developing emerging media projects. Length 51 minutes.

Duane Varan“The best thing you can do as content producers is to break your dependency on the Australian market, a very hard thing to do, but you have got to do it to remain in step with the global economy”. Duane Varan talks about the market disruption facing the current TV industry from a range of perspectives including the advertiser, broadcaster, independent producer and the audiences. Looking at other disruptive technologies over the last 50 years he talks about the implications of remote control, timeshifting, interactive TV and video-on-demand then highlights the blunt instruments used at the moment to measure TV viewing. The economic paradigm of TV is shifting, economies of scale no longer work and value is now about producing different goods across platforms and creating engagement.

Duane suggests that the challenge now is about programme promotion, getting your content into the box or the portal and he continues by looking at recent research in how interactivity, especially interactive ads significantly increase engagement. Also touching on interactive storytelling he points out that advertisers not programme makers are way ahead and new business opportunities are being overlooked. In the q and a session he eloquently suggests the Australian market is irrelevant on the global stage to the big brands and that government protecting the status quo in Australia (denying disruption) is hindering real business development opportunities. Duane finishes by talking about global brands, IPTV and the future of the Australian industry.

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Professor Duane Varan is Director of the Interactive Television Research Institute at Murdoch University where he holds the Foundation Chair in New Media. Professor Varan is the recepient of a wide range of presitigous awards including the Australian Prime Miniter’s Award for University Teacher of the Year (2001), the Australian Award for University Teaching in Economics, Business and Related Studies (2001), a Texas Excellence in Teaching Award (1990) and an Asia-Pacfici ITT Award of Excellence in recognition of his contributions towards bridging the gap between business strategy, information technology and creative design. Professor Varan is a global authority on the nascent digital television industry. His clients include Procter and Gamble, Nike, Pizza Hut, the BBC, BSkyB (UK), TV Cabo (Portugal), Leo Burnett, Saatchi and Saatchi and other broadcasters, telcos, advertisers and global brands.

Perth 8 May 2006
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