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Extending the experiences of TV drama audiences. Evan Jones

“I find it very interesting to see how much people value on-line communities but go about setting them up without a purpose or goal. They say here is a chat room that is set up alongside a TV series but don’t give people anything to talk about…we are giving people very precise information and asking people to work together to find the answers.”

Evan Jones, Xenophile Media

The Presentation

Evan visited Australia in November 2006 and in this presentation he focuses on two cross media/broadcast TV drama series projects: Fallen ( and Re-Genesis (

Nov 24, Chauvel Cinema, Sydney, presented by AFTRS

MP3 recording time 56:32 (13MB) Click to listen

Evan Jones is the Creative Director of Xenophile Media Xenophile which is a Canadian cross media production company specialising in extended media experiences. Evan is an interactive media producer from the combined disciplines of computer science, film studies and radio production. His projects range from narrative console gaming to interactive historical documentary. Winner of the 2005 Canadian New Media Awards for Excellence in Cross Platform and Banff Television Award for Interactive Television, his project ‘The ReGenesis Extended Reality’ game engages players to interact with characters from the series. The project has attracted a whole new audience eager for more than bios and episodic summaries. The game draws viewers into a conspiracy and mystery that weaves in and out of the TV series, using the internet, email and other media to immerse the viewer and blur the line between fiction and reality.


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Audio recorded and edited by Peter Giles, podcasting by Gary Hayes.

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