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Forget the Rules © Jim Shomos 2006.

The third of 8 podcasts recorded live during the LAMP lab on Milson Island, Sydney in July 2006 – in front of the eight teams and ten mentors developing emerging media projects.

jim shomos“this is such a new area that really the door is open for anybody with anything creative and innovative, particularly with drama, to really stand out in this industry. It’s a great opportunity…but nobody really knows anything”

Jim Shomos was the Executive Producer of Forget the Rules the first comedy drama in the world to broadcast over broadband, mobile phones and cable TV.

“We didn’t think when we were starting this out that it was going to be the first – we didn’t even think it was going to be on TV, we weren’t even sure about mobile, but that’s the way it’s all come out.”

Forget the Rules ran on Channel V, Hutchison 3 mobile phones and on the web and consisted of 9 minutes of drama produced every week featuring audience driven story directions. Audiences voted on a choice of 3 possible story directions, the show was shot on Saturday and was broadcast each Monday throughout the season. Because of the rapid turnaround stories were highly topical and responsive to genuine audience input and was limited to an M rating. Jim talks about putting the deals together, attracting investment and coming up with the right business models.

He talks about appealing to story literate young audiences through interactivity, but points out that they have to be offered genuine input to the story to ensure success. Jim thinks young audiences need “more story per minute” and emphasised the importance of fast paced stories with rapid developments, particularly for short form content.

All LAMP podcasts are also published through the iTunes store.


Jim is the creator of the acclaimed cross-media service Forget the Rules. He devised the concept and format and with his partners Paul Baiguerra and Peter Dixon from Catfish they made a ground-breaking drama across mobile, broadband PC and TV. Jim also has an extensive business and marketing background.Jim Shomos and Paul Baiguerra met at the Digital Media Conference run by Film Victoria on 1 July 2004. It was business at first sight, they say: by the end of the day, the basic outline for forget the rules was laid down. Paul got his business partner at Catfish, Peter Dixon, involved and Global Dilemma was born. Forget the Rules was Global Dilemma’s first production. FTR is the first comedy/drama series in the world to broadcast all episodes on TV, broadband and mobiles. The first season was broadcast on Channel V/Foxtel, 3 mobiles and the FTR website. The 13-week season was made up of 3×3min episodes per week between 10 October 2005 and 8 January 2006. The 117 minutes of production represents the equivalent of 5 x 30min episodes on FTA TV.

In 1998, he studied writing and feature film production at AFTRS in Sydney. He has worked as a copywriter on Sale of The Century, a storyliner on Neighbours (15 hours credits) and is a published songwriter.

Sydney 3 July 2006 – Time 29:20.
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Audio edit and description – P Giles. mp3 prep/post G Hayes

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