Nov 082005

Broadband Futures – Guy Gadney
Guy begins by talking about the current services his company Bigpond are delivering to larger numbers of the Australian audience. He draws attention to the blurred line that is developing between live video on broadband and TV but points out the much higher levels of synchronised interactivity we have access to via broadband. There are real advantages in using the range of data around events to develop rich and deep interaction across broadband devices and Guy stresses that cross-media gains can be made by cross-linking movies, sport, tv, games etc via a more structured and well designed interface.

He talks about the near term futures as broadband moves towards richer customisation and them deep personalisation using at first collaborative filtering and recommendation agents. Guy finally points out that User Generated Content is on their radar as is clearly working out the models between live rich media broadband and on-demand.
Accompanying presentation – Broadband Realities & Possibilities 1.1MB PDF

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Sydney 7 Sep 2005
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Audio preparation by James Christopher Murty

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