Dec 202005

The Practise of Interactive Narratives – Mark Stephen Meadows
Mark MeadowsMark provides us with a very accesible and compelling investigation into new forms of interactive narrative – alternate perspectives, interaction and user journeys. Using the analogy of “stories are about someone who has a problem more interesting than your own” he takes us through the conceptual development aspects of creating journeys that even under viewer control can still engage by providing decision and nodal points. Mark goes further to talk about the historical stages that human narrative have been through and looks at a richer AI based, modulated future of personal story.
Accompanying presentation “The Practise of Interactive Narratives” – Mark Stephen Meadows – HTML page link

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Mark Stephen Meadows is a painter that writes. He’s also engineers interactive systems, develops games, designs artificial emotion software and leads groups of designers into burning buildings, and then out again, unscathed. As an architect of interactive content he designs problem sets, characters, and the worlds in which they operate. As an educator he lectures on this work at universities, conferences, and private research institutions. His work of the last thirteen years has included work as Artist-in-Residence at Xerox-PARC, Creative Director for a venture of Stanford Research Institute, and co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of a VR and Internet company named Construct. Meadows has spent time as artist/researcher at the Waag Society, in Holland, and has worked as a consultant for dozens of companies, both large and small.

AGSM Sydney 05 Dec 2005
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Audio preparation by James Christopher Murty

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