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Jennifer discusses legacy technologies leading up to mobile phone 3rd generation services and draws up on staggering statistics that indicate a change toward mobile content delivery over PC content delivery. She illustrates the impact mobiles are making as the new delivery platform of choice; right now there are twice as many mobile phones in the world as internet connections, and SMS is the most heavily transferred data type in the world.
Jennifer introduces the concept of native mobile applications; applications that are mobile phone dependent, and identifies video as the ‘killer app’ for the mobile platform in 2008. In addition to defining user demographics by behaviour rather than age, Jennifer shows us how 3G social and geographic networking is already working in the real world, and offers tips on how to develop more user friendly mobile applications.

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A series of podcasts of short presentations given by mentors at the LAMP VIII residential lab in Marysville, Victoria in February 2008.

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JENNIFER WILSON – Principal, Lean Forward

Jennifer WilsonJennifer Wilson is the principal at Lean Forward, a company created to consult in the area of engaging consumer experience based on content or marketing concepts, mobile and online. Lean Forward will also be undertaking bespoke development in this area.

Prior to this, Jennifer was Head of Innovation for ninemsn. In this role, she investigated developments in engagement, interaction, social networking, user generated content and other new technologies and how these shape our online and mobile interactive futures. Jennifer conceived of new products and oversaw the development of some cutting edge new destinations.

Prior to this, Jennifer was Managing Director of HWW, content provider and developer of online and mobile sites under the yourTime™ banner; and builder of third-party content sites.

Jennifer is passionate about single, device-independent relationships with consumers; the power and influence of social networks; and ‘soft’ personalisation –providing a tailored, personalised experience to each consumer.

Jennifer has more than 20 years in interactive communications and digital marketing. She sits on the National Executive of the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA).


This podcast presentation by LAMP @ AFTRS.

Live audio recorded by Peter Giles and Brett Robertson

Podcast description by Rachael Hainsworth

Editing, processing and podcasting production by Gary Hayes

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