Dec 202005

Networked Television – William Cooper
William CooperWilliam takes us on a journey into both a converged and diverged world as TV becomes just another string of content over global broadband networks. He looks at the emerging and dying business models as fiber optics become the norm to carry vast quantities of digital content around the world – the global markets. In a world where some netowrks can carry 17 million DVD quality video streams simultaneously, what are the opportunities and what kinds of services will we see.

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A specialist in interactive media services across multiple platforms, Dr. William Cooper advises clients ranging from start-up companies to major corporations, providing a practical operational perspective and he runs a very informative news site at As head of interactive at BBC Broadcast, William operationally managed the successful launch and delivery of landmark interactive services on satellite, terrestrial and cable television across multiple channels and territories. William was responsible for transitioning interactive publication and playout services from a public services cost centre into a profitable commercial subsidiary. This involved managing the migration of services into a purpose-built multimillion-pound technical facility in preparation for the subsequent sale of the business for 166 million. Previously, as head of new media operations, William oversaw the exponential growth of the BBC’s online services.

AGSM Sydney 05 Dec 2005
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Audio preparation by James Christopher Murty

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