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Rules of Engagement- Jackie Turnure
Jackie Turnure

“The key to engaging our audience is to make the experience ever changing. The material must never be static, instead it must always be moving forward, developing, evolving, building. Raise the stakes without moving the goal posts and you will deepen the experience for the audience.” Jackie Turnure 2005

Jackie combines two presentations that are inextricably linked – how to engage someone in your interactive service and then how to sell your creation, the pitch. She talks about curiousity, suspense and turning points that expand and deepen our relationship with story. Using examples such as Facade, Amazon and her own creation, Oz the Magical Adventure she further delves into the meaning of the hook and evolving experience which leads into her top tips for the most important element of getting a cross-media service off the ground, pitching. This talk was delivered at a week long residential for ABC Australia.

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For the last 15 years Jackie has been working across film, television, games and online production, with a particular focus on animation and children�s content. Jackie is currently script editing and voice directing Stolen Life, an animated feature produced in Machinima, written and produced by Peter Rasmussen.

Sydney 12 Dec 2005
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