Jun 292007

JACKIE TURNURE – “When Games and Film Collide”

Jackie Turnure© Jackie Turnure 2007. Jackie gives an overview of the games universe and talks about the importance of story, character and agency.

The Presentation

The first of three podcasts from Deborah Todd, Jackie Turnure and Luke Carruthers recorded live at the at the AGL Theatre, Museum of Sydney (MoS), 37 Philip St, Sydney on Thursday 28th June 2007, 2pm – 4.30pm


If film was the medium of the 20th Century and games the medium of the 21st, how do we bring together the best elements of these two monoliths of entertainment?

The next generation of games will rely on story, narrative and character development to immerse users inside the experience so that they are living the story. What skills do the creators of these media experiences need to develop compelling content for the future?

The seminar will be keynoted by Deborah Todd, an award winning games designer from LA and recent author of the best selling book Game Design: From Blue Sky to Green Light. She will talk about the key ingredients of planning, designing and structuring a compelling game, referring to the types of stories and characters best adapted from linear film and TV to the games medium.

Other speakers Jackie Turnure and Luke Carruthers will cover areas including role-playing game environments inside social virtual worlds, production methodologies, user-generated games and a market overview.

This is a must-attend free seminar for linear producers, writers and broadcasters who are considering turning their show or film into a console, online or casual game.

MP3 recording time 24:16 (8.4MB) Click to listen

Presentation presented by LAMP @ AFTRS.


All LAMP podcasts are also published through the iTunes store.

Audio edited & processed by Gary Hayes
Jackie Turnure

With script editing and writing experience in both traditional and new media, Jackie Turnure brings a unique perspective to the role of narrative in cross media production. For the last 15 years she has been working across film, television, games and online production, with a particular focus on animation and children’s content.

Jackie received her Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communications) from Sydney College of the Arts and her Master of Fine Arts (Film Production) from San Francisco State University. She spent nine years in the US teaching screenwriting at New York University, Hunter College and the Academy of Arts College, San Francisco. During that time, Jackie wrote and directed eight short films and videos that have won awards and screened internationally.

After returning to Sydney, Jackie produced and directed three 3D animated kids’ games for PC, “Bananas in Pyjamas ” It’s Party Time”, “Oz – The Magical Adventure” and “Oz – The Interactive Storybook”. The games have won numerous awards and been distributed in 18 countries. Jackie lectures part time at AFTRS, was an industry mentor at the NSW Film and Television Office’s Indigenous Writers Workshop, ran a Game Design Workshop in FTI in Perth and gave a workshop on Alternative Narratives for the Australian Writer’s Guild. In addition, Jackie works as a script editor and story consultant on feature films, animated television series and animated games. She recently completed story producing and writing 3 episodes on Deadly, a half hour animated TV series based on the books by Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman. Jackie was the script editor and voice director on Stolen Life, an animated feature produced in Machinima, written and produced by Peter Rasmussen. She has just recently won a development award at Milia 2007 from Ogilvy and AMEX for her ARG project ‘Diamond Reef’

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