Nov 102006

Project description: Sick of fake, annoying, over-hyped commercials? Think you can make a better ad? Sold in Sixty Seconds is a cross media experience and user generated community that sets the challenge for amateur filmmakers to make the most memorable 60 second ad for a popular brand. At stake, is the reward to see the ad broadcast nationally, win some serious cash and be recognised as top creative talent. A completely participatory event and social network that exists on mobile, web and tv that unleashes and rewards the best of user generated content whilst celebrating the history of advertising around the world.

Sold 03

Sold 05

Sold 07

Sold 12

Sold Team
Team Members
Linda Ujuk – Co-Creator/Producer/Writer
Daniel Patmore – Co-Creator/Production & Broadcast Designer
Irene Georgas – Co-Creator/Producer/Camera/Editor

Guardian mentor/s: Jim Shomos
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Mobile, Broadband, TV
Media Cartel © 2006

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