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LAMP Lab: Marysville, Victoria, February 2008

Title: Touched by the road toll – NSW

Project Description: In Australia there are five deaths on our roads every day. ‘Touched by the road toll’ is an online social network for all those affected by road trauma. Behind every fatality there are a thousand stories. This online sanctuary provides a space where people can tell their story, create compelling tributes, find support and understanding from an online community, and ultimately heal.

Target Media: Web, Mobile, TV, Virtual Worlds, Locative Mapping, Physical World

LAMP VIII Marysville

LAMP VIII Marysville

LAMP VIII Marysville

LAMP VIII Marysville

Team Members:

  • Sandra Cook – Producer/Creator
  • Kerry Sunderland – Online Producer/Designer
  • Tamsin Smyth – Designer

Guardian Mentor/s: Laurel Papworth

Copyright: 2008

  One Response to “Project – Touched by the road toll”

  1. My beautiful 20 yo son Adam was killed in a car accident in Buninyong, Ballarat,Vic., 3/6/07. I am organizing a concert in his memory this 2nd June 2008. at the Ballarat Woolshead, 4-11pm. I have received no support other than a year of Valium from my GP. Botch up by police road team, 4 coroner\’s inquests with no verdict yet. The coroner decided it be an inquest case; I have to date spent $20,000.00 on 4 inquests, listening to false statements, police lies and incompetence, illegal proximity of the tree Adam collided with. No road barrier where it was legally required. I have lost an Angel. I do not just want a sticker for my car, my son meant a lot more to me. I want families to gather and air their grief, support each other. I would like the proceeds of this memorial concert to go towards establishing such a group with regular/irregular meetings; even if it starts at my house. I lost my husband to cancer 4 months before my son\’s death. I want to establish a powerful family which may change our govt. rules, regulations, establish safety measures, etc. Please join me in establishing a Victorian branch; I would love to talk to you at this concert in memory of Adam Alexander Baskijin (23/6/86-3/6/07). Debra 0402957047

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