Oct 112006

The eight projects have been selected and confirmed for the next LAMP residential in Tasmania. We had an overwhelming response and the ten selectors were extremely impressed with the high quality of all thirty four entries. Below are brief descriptions of the projects in no particular order…

  • Mash-up TV
    An exciting comedy show broadcast live from inside a virtual world. Aimed at 18-26 year olds this service will allow viewers to appear on TV as their 3D avatars and also submit mashed-up video, music, chat and games.
  • Urban Anarchy
    A unique cross-media exploration of urban art and street culture. Alongside short videos and documentaries the online element features a virtual city block. The audience can contribute by submitting street art via mobile phones or creating art with the online tools.
  • The Deep Sleep
    The Deep Sleep is an animated neo-noir that allows a 15-30 year old audience to be part of the action. Searching for clues across interactive town maps, fictional websites, podcasts, enigmatic SMS’s and clues hidden inside the animations themselves, the audience try to uncover a range of mysteries.
  • Sold in Sixty Seconds
    Sick of fake, annoying, over-hyped commercials? Sold in Sixty Seconds is a revolutionary competition for consumers to capture, create and communicate a better ad for a leading brand. A completely participatory event that unleashes and rewards the best of user generated content whilst celebrating the history of advertising around the world.
  • City Games
    The City is a playground in which players use their mobile phones and other portable devices to take part in an interactive treasure hunt. Clues will be dropped into a weekly TV spot, podcasts, SMS and on a dedicated website.
  • Outside the Box
    How hard is it to find a copy of the documentary that everyone is talking about? Or to access a classic one from the past? Outside the Box is a new on-demand broadband service for downloading Australian documentaries. A portal where the public can find out about community screenings and social action; converse online with film-makers; and access the “making-of” and other behind-the-scenes information. The film library will range from documentaries made for TV broadcast and cinema to those outside the mainstream square.
  • The Abbey
    Ever wanted to really know what it is to be a nun inside an Abbey? This service runs in parallel with ABC TV’s The Abbey series and allows the audience to enter a virtual monastery to mingle with other spiritual seekers, chat, build, farm, pray and meditate.
  • Shorts
    Based around 3 minute cross-artform and digital performances, Shorts is a way that 14-30 year olds can take part in a virtual mobile festival. Participants are encouraged to make short performance pieces on their mobile video phones acting as both reviewer and reviewee.

The final list of mentors for this lab are also listed on the mentors main page. The participants and associated companies will be revealed on the residential follow-up projects pages.

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