Apr 222007

We had an overwhelming response to the call for submissions driven by the various seminars and workshops we held around the country over the past months. From nearly fifty extremely strong entries the ten judges have selected the final eight for the LAMP: Story of the Future to be held in Freycinet from 20-25 May.  The eight projects are listed below with brief descriptions in no particular order…

  • Thursdays Fictions
    You’ll Never Have Another Week Like This One! In order to enter the world of Thursday’s Fictions, you must respond the following  “You have five minutes left to live.  It is always said that you can’t take it with you, but what if you could?  What would you take with you?  What is important to you?  – NSW
  • p.u.l.s.e
    Take the pulse of the city through the wrists of writers, using sms. This is an entirely new service that builds upon the strengths and flexibility of mobile, locative, and social networking technologies, applied uniquely via collaborative inputs from a network of writers. p.u.l.s.e is an innovative collaborative writing project that explores the intersections of writing and mobile technologies.  – NSW
  • Tell Tales
    You are your own adventure. A new web-based writing game in which the participants develop their own take on the mystery story that they are presented with. – NSW
  • Get Carla
    “A beautiful girl is on the run with 100 grand.  Do you help her… Or turn her in?”
    An alternate reality game driven by a “true story” of a kidnapping that is an extension of a short film scheduled for shooting June 2007 – NSW
  • The Parcel
    Everyone has something to hide! The Parcel is an interactive cross-media murder mystery series set in the virtual community of Middlemania against the backdrop of the local council elections. – Tasmania
  • Mondo Froggo
    “Fun and frolics with three feisty frogs in a swamp.” Animation, interactive TV show which is a combination of adventure, story and game. – Tasmania
  • Captive
    A New World. A daring crusade. All in the name of friendship and freedom! CAPTIVE is a fun and exciting quest based online RPG for primary school children centred around British and Australian convict heritage in the 1820’s, taking history lessons into a whole new dimension… fun!  – Tasmania
  • Killer Gene
    ‘Killer Gene – who should control the code of life itself? – Victoria

The final list of mentors for this lab will be listed on the mentors main page. The participants and associated companies will be revealed on the residential follow-up projects pages.

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