LAMP 01 Victor Harbour


LAMP 01 – Residential Oct 2005

My Apartment

  • An interactive drama about lives in an Australian apartment block
  • Tagline: “Play a part, be a part”
  • Company: News Interactive
  • Target platforms: Linear TV, mobile and Broadband PC
  • Project description: The apartment is a place where you […]

Your Perfect Partner

  • Live and interactive dating game show
  • Tagline: “Tune in, play along and find your perfect partner”
  • Target platforms: TV, Interactive TV, Online and Mobile
  • Project description: Ever wanted to find your perfect match? Or see how compatible you are with your current partner? Your Perfect Partner begins with a live gala TV event […]

Project Greenlight Australia 2

  • Take part in a rich media script and film review broadband portal and win the chance to be part of the action
  • Tagline:”Go on a unique and intimate journey with a first-time moviemaker, as they make a $1,000,000 Australian feature film”
  • Company: Movie Network Channels
  • Target platforms: Linear and broadband TV
  • Project […]

Insect Men from the First Dimension

  • A unique non-linear sci-fi drama/comedy
  • Tagline: “Let’s get the brain back together”
  • Company: IM1D
  • Target platforms: Broadband PC, Mobile, Locative media
  • Project description: The world’s first GILM (game/film). Insect Men From the First Dimension is an online investigative game in which players trawl the web salvaging the memories as short film […]

Read with me! Play with me!

  • A pre-school parental led reading and simple games service
  • Tagline: “Words and games for pre-literate children with their parents”
  • Company: Ariel Productions
  • Target platforms: TV, Broadband and interactive TV/Interactive TV, online, mobile screens, DVD
  • Project description: Read with me, play with me is an electronic picture-book series based on the adventures […]

The Sum of our Parts

  • A viewer centric talk show about the lives of ordinary Australians
  • Tagline: Three lives, three perspectives, one family story
  • Company:AFTRS
  • Target platforms: TV, Interactive TV and mobile
  • Project description: Sum of our parts is an emotional journey to the heart of Australian family life. Following a talk show in which families explore […]

Hit it!

  • A cross-platform, participatory musical drama for teenagers
  • Tagline: Satisfy the creative spirit
  • Company:mememe
  • Target platforms: TV, interactive TV, online, mobile, DVD, merchandise
  • Project description: HitIt is led by a 26part, 24 minute TV show. Viewers can use the broadband online site to use musical tools and create their own music, take part in song-writing competitions […]

Georgiana Molloy

  • A cross-media docu-drama about an early Australian settler
  • Tagline: Immersion into the world of Georgiana Molloy who lived, loved and learned
  • Company:Jag Films
  • Target platforms: TV, broadband PC
  • Project description: An emotive story about a soon to be Australian icon. Follow Georgiana’s route from Scotland to Australia, her settler diaries, botanical notes and her insights […]

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