LAMP 08 Marysville


LAMP 08 – Residential Feb 2008

Portable Ghosts – NZ

  • Tagline: The best way to solve ghost mysteries is to have ghosts helping you!
  • Project Description: Become a Ghost Detective from the TV show to the virtual world onto the mobile, the web, print and into the real world. A truly unique social network experience that is […]

Catalyst – ABC, NSW

  • Tagline: Science that Excites and makes a difference
  • Project Description: ABC TV’s prime-time science magazine program broadcast on ABC 1 and 2 increases its reach to younger viewers via Ruben ‘The Surfing Scientist’ and provides depth and stickiness to existing viewers through it’s collaborative social network Fatherhood […]

Touched by the road toll – NSW

  • Project Description: In Australia there are five deaths on our roads every day. ‘Touched by the road toll’ is an online social network for all those affected by road trauma. Behind every fatality there are a thousand stories. This online sanctuary provides a […]

podscape – NZ

  • Tagline: You’re in the band
  • Project Description: Social virtual world networking where ‘Your in the Band’, a revolutionary new way to interact with friends and strangers alike. Patent pending.
  • Target Media: Web, Virtual World, Mobile, Locative

The Land of a Thousand Legends – NSW

  • Tagline: Doragon Taido!
  • Project Description: The Land of a Thousand Legends is a fully integrated cross media project For 6 to 9 years olds incorporating television, online, mobile and real-world play. Based on the TV series Master Raindrop, it’s an interactive adventure where […]

Call To Arms – Sea Patrol II

Aftershock NZ

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