Jan 182008

MarysvilleThe next residential is LAMP’s first official international event with three teams from New Zealand and four from Australia. The intensive week of development will be held at Marysville in Victoria from 24-29 February 2008, is part sponsored by the New Zealand Screen Council and is the eighth live-in development lab that LAMP has conducted in just over 2 years.

LAMP received around 25 extremely high quality entries from teams in each country. LAMP mentors and Screen New Zealand representatives selected the most compelling, innovative and audience centric projects.

“We normally get forty to fifty entries but given the call for submissions was only four weeks ago and with the holiday season in-between we were staggered by the number of really clued up projects. It was really hard to differentiate from probably the most focused and audience aware ideas we have seen.” said LAMP Director Gary Hayes.

The selected projects are a compelling mix of emerging media forms and the successful teams are:

  • Portable Ghosts NZ – The best way to solve ghost mysteries is to have ghosts helping you!
  • Catalyst (ABC) NSW – Science that Excites and makes a difference.
  • Aftershock NZ – “When disaster strikes, will we pull together or will we fall apart?”
  • Virtual Roadside Memorials SA – Community for collective healing and remembrance and co-created documentary.
  • Sea Patrol 2 (Chn 9) NSW – An interactive, cross-media platform, user-generated hub.
  • Master Raindrop Cross-Media World NSW – Not just a drop in the ocean.
  • Podscape NZ – Social virtual world networking where ‘Your in the Band’, a revolutionary new way to interact with friends and strangers alike.

The 6-day live in lab will see seven teams working with around talented new media professional mentors (an updated list here), developing digital media projects for distribution on broadband web, mobile devices, advanced television, games platforms, virtual worlds and beyond.

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