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A presentation by Gary Hayes at a LAMP ‘Interactive’ seminar VIRTUAL STORY: THE ART AND CRAFT OF MACHINIMA on Thurs 14 May 2009 at AFTRS, Sydney. Other speakers were covering production techniques and there were presentations from Illclan and hence leaving out some significant areas of the form.

Presentation given on 3 April 2009 in the new AFTRS theatre as part of a LAMP ‘Interactive’ Workshop on Serious Games. A new taxonomy by Gary Hayes and an overview of the form & many of serious games, brief history & their natural affinity with documentary. The intersection between documentary filmmaking and games will be explored in this seminar and workshop, providing deep insight into the potential of Serious Games.

Recorded at the 7th LAMP residential, Matt Costello talks about story worlds and how the game play is very dependent on the underlying story and how more importantly they really need to be developed in parallel. He uses Bioshock and the first Halo as examples of how story is really starting to permeate games in a more integrated way. Matt also refers to two games he recently wrote, Rage and Pirates of Caribbean as how the iterative and creative process work from first hand experience, but points out that each game development and production is often different from the last.

(Note: Three parts joined as YouTube playlist)

Joe Velikovsky talked about the Games industry and several film to game adaptations he has worked on – from a presentation at LAMPs Growing Worlds seminar in Hobart in May 2008

Growing Worlds – Turning Stories into Games. A presentation by © Gary Hayes looking at Game Story Environments, Growing Business, Growing Stories, Growing Players and Growing worlds, stories, players, business and adaptations, Contextual overview of the growth and big changes happening in games worlds, Introducing business, audience and worlds elements to story. Features adaptations overview and in depth look at Community Created Game Worlds. Delivered as part of a LAMP insight seminar (with Matt Costello and Joe Velikovsky) in Hobart, Tasmania Weds 28 May 2008.

Joe Velikovsky’s insight into the game industry from an Australian perspective


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Writing for Games by Jackie Turnure is an overview of the many types of games and using her visit to the Austin games conference in 2006 as a foundation for this look at cross over with film and games

Gary Hayes – A detailed presentation given at the Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration conference in Sydney in November 2008 – on how to engage with shared social worlds – this includes locative games as well as traditional online game worlds and social 3D web based worlds. Specific focus on the networking elements and how this dictates the types of advertising and collaborative marketing.
Digital Worlds: Social, Virtual, Mobile
• Meet generation V
• What are the opportunities for enterprise, marketers and government?
• The psychological implications of virtual interaction
• What are the mobility limitations of virtual worlds?

A presentation given by Gary Hayes the Director of Australia’s Laboratory for Advanced Media Production at a seminar at the Museum of Sydney on 17 May 2006.


“I think we are really approaching a perfect storm, a mixed reality perfect storm, because we are seeing several things happening. The first one is a long history of games based on TV and films, the foundations are already there. Another force creating this storm is virtual worlds, particularly the exponential growth of customisable ones and more importantly external integration into them. The third force is audience behaviour. They are involved in far more simultaneous activity particularly between broadband web and TV. The fourth element to this perfect storm is actually what is happening to TV and film, especially live reality TV becoming more game like and film becoming fantasy based. All of these forces together are creating a really potent mix” Gary Hayes 17 May 2007

Gary looks at the four forces that are coming together to create perfect conditions for this hybrid form of entertainment. He looks back 10 years at early inhabited TV 3D world experiments when he was an innovation producer at the BBC and then forward to the latest cross-over services where TV properties become virtual and where the virtual world appears inside traditional forms. He looks at virtual worlds such as, second life, PS3 Home, Habbo Hotel, Neopets etc: and how properties such as Big Brother, Laguna Beach, The Hills, Pimp My Ride and a range of consumer brands that are creating engaging and immersive hybrid entertainment.

Jackie talks about taking a familiar linear story and adapting it to non-linear format. She discusses a range of media options available and most importantly, the questions to ask when choosing the most appropriate media for your project.

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