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Australia’s leading screen conference, run by SPAA, is in Sydney this week and many multi-platform folk associated with LAMP & AFTRS in the past are in force with a record number of panels and sessions. The heavily featured 360 Media (and by implication Social Media) track sits nicely in the theme of this years conference ‘Reaching Your Audience’. LAMP’s Gary Hayes is listed as a key advisor to this years event and the following are a taste of some of the great sessions worth checking out. Lots more detail on the downloadable PDF on the SPAA Conference site.

The sessions below are the LAMP best 360, multi platform picks for the 3 days

Weds 18 th Nov

Feature/360—Making Movies that Make Money: Begin with the Audience in Mind Part 1

10:30–11:45 am BREAKOUT Grand Ballroom 4

Reaching a niche or diverse audience is increasingly a producer’s mandate (not just the distributor’s). We are experiencing a moment of radical change across technology, consumer behaviour, distribution and marketing with seismic shifts in the way that entertainment is conceived, produced, distributed and consumed. Social Media, User Generated Content, Digitaland Mobile Channels, Convergence and Diversity are a fact of life. Successful producers are those who can realize the potential of a single extraordinary story across the widest range of platforms. How can we define, validate, inspire, energise and leverage the interactive participation of today’s audiences? What are the insights, trends and innovations that will shape our creative and marketing capacities as filmmakers? How can producers optimise their distribution plan to ensure their film successfully reaches an audience against an increasing competition for screens and changing consumer behaviour? A group of successful entertainment marketers will come together to help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of targeted movie marketing, divulge inside tricks, techniques and trends, outline how and where audiences are consuming content and provide an essential perspective that will help reorient your approach to storytelling, distribution & marketing.

Session Producer:

  • Martin Walsh, Digital Marketing, Director, Microsoft & Producer, Red Dune Films


  • Stephanie Bohn, Director of Worldwide Marketing, Digital Distribution, Warner Brothers, US
  • Travis Johnson, Managing Director, Universal McCann Sydney
  • Gordon Paddison, Founder & Principal, Stradella Road, US

Kids 360—Sizzling, Innovative, Exciting!

1:45–3:00 pm BREAKOUT Meeting Room 4

Come on people—let’s switch on! We get an international perspective from the guru himself Ken Faier of Nerd Corps Entertainment, Canada and hear about all the ultra cool kinds of  ‘360’ programming you could be doing.

Session Chair:

  • Dan Fill, Partner, Chocolate Liberation Front


  • Ken Faier, President, Nerd Corps, CA

Feature/360—Making Movies that Make Money: Begin with the Audience in Mind—Part 2

1:45–3:00 pm BREAKOUT Grand Ballroom 4

Part 2 of this session will take you through today’s film audience behaviour and how to translate this insight into practical strategies and tactics.Case studies include District 9, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Lord of the Rings, The Watchmen, Snakes on a Plane and Sex and the City and will illustrate how important understanding your audience is, how filmmakers can successfully tap into today’s digitally wired consumers, integrate across platforms and optimise their distribution opportunities accordingly.

Session Producer:

  • Martin Walsh, Digital Marketing Director, Microsoft

& Producer, Red Dune Films


  • Stephanie Bohn, Director of Worldwide Marketing, Digital Distribution, Warner Brothers, US
  • Graham Cassidy, Senior Adviser, Cato Counsel
  • Travis Johnson, Managing Director, Universal McCann Sydney
  • Christopher Mapp, Managing Director, Omnilab
  • Gordon Paddison, Founder & Principal, Stradella Road, US

360/TV—A Case Study of Emmy Winning, The Truth About Marika

1:45–3:00 pm BREAKOUT Barnet Room

Christopher Sandberg, is CEO of new media production company  The company P. He is dedicated to the exploration of human interaction and audience involvement in modern entertainment. With over a decade of experience in start-ups as CEO/ExecutiveProducer/Producer in television, online and mobile, ranging from drama to social applications and games, Sandberg executive produced the participatory drama The Truth About Marika (produced with SVT). Sandberg is currently involved as CEO and Executive producer in one international participation drama with VRT and SVT, several AFP internationally and numerous ARG marketing campaigns and online and computer games for clients of The company P. He holds advisory trustee positions,notably in the creative team for the mediasummit SIME. Sandberg is creator and Executive Producer forthe national DTV channel “Mediteve”, Scandinavia’s first participatory television channel, integrating SMS based chat and formats rangingfrom game shows to drama (now re-launchedas TV400, with TV4).

Session Producer:

  • Courtney Gibson, Director of Programmes, Southern Star Entertainment

360—Show Me the Money! Finding the Revenue Streams from Digital Distribution

3:00–4:45 pm BREAKOUT Grand Ballroom 3

What do producers need to know and do tomake money from emerging content channels?We will consider the costs to produce in new formats or make additional content including long and short form episodes, downloads, social media tools and websites—against the financing and revenue mix of traditional and digital delivery channels, government funding and producer offset, distributor advances and brand-related revenue. We will also dissect the lexicon of Next-Gen television to find out what you do and don’t need to understand about targeted distribution, expanded reach, precise metrics, increased loyalty, contextual sponsorship, e-commerce,VOD and IPTV.

Session Producer:

  • Debra Allanson, Managing Director, Ish Media


  • Matt Houltham, Digital Partner, Zenithoptimedia
  • Ben Liebmann, Vice President, Licensing— FremantleMedia Enterprises
  • Katherine Rossetti, Director, Freshwater Media
  • Angelo Tilocca, Manager, Content Licensing, ABC Commercial

THURSDAY 19th November

360—Brian Seth Hurst. After the Revolution: Content, Audiences and the Democratisation of Media

9:00–10:00 am PLENARY Grand Ballroom 1

Major corporations once completely controlled the holy media trinity of technology, distribution,and content. No more. Whether its fan fiction finding its way into Showtime Network’s The LWord, Susan Boyle’s appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, mobile phone video and photos of a bubbling revolution in Iran or the collaboration of fans on recording artist Imogen Heap’s new album Ellipse, a technology enabled sea change has occurred in the production,distribution, and consumption of content. From participation television, locative and alternate reality gaming and a world of mobile phone apps to high quality user generated production and the tech steroid power of social media applications the audience is surgingforward. And yet, good storytelling will always beat the core of great content. But, what does this revolution mean to the both traditional and new creators, producers and distributors of content.Brian Seth Hurst, CEO of The Opportunity Management Company will escort you intothe revolutionary battlefield to survey the developing media landscape, its casualties and its opportunities. Brought to you by Screen Australia

SPAA acknowledges the financial assistance of Screen Australia

360—Social IPTV: Internet Protocol or Interactive and Personal TV?

10:30–11:45 am BREAKOUT Grand Ballroom 3

TV is in major transition where it is evolving from just scheduled broadcast to being always-on, participatory and social. Its traditional audience is now fully engaged with Social Media and here they effectively become ‘programme’ and content makers for each other but, in the backchannel, they still drive conversation around traditional, compelling broadcast content. This is what we currently label, Social TV. There are many challenges ahead and this session will look at innovations across broad band and IPTV, latest business models, new advertising models and latest video web 2.0 mash-ups. We will also try to answer questions such as, is IPTV a valid platform for video producers? Where are the opportunities across on-demand platforms and is the old advertising model really broken? Is audience contributed online content sustainable at scale and what are the challenges of broadcasting and delivering on-demand? Is there a role for a public service broadcaster in a commercially driven IPTV landscape. IPTV used to stand for ‘Internet Protocol TV’ but in today’s Social Media world perhaps it really means Interactive and Personal TV.

Session Producer:

  • Gary Hayes, Director of LAMP, AFTRS & CCO of MUVEDesign


Branded Ent/TV—Can Content’s New ‘Equity’ Producers Help Take Australian Television to New Heights?

1:15–2:30 pm BREAKOUT Grand Ballroom 1

Traditional advertising models are underpressure, challenging the content-distribution ecosystem to adapt in response to empowered consumers. Brands are enthusiastically pursuing opportunities ushered in by digital television and interactive media. Savvy brands are now creating original programming. What do advertisers need from program partners? How can brand interactivity better engage viewers with traditional shows? What role do programmers play in brand-generated shows? Where do brands fit into direct-to-web distribution and user-generated content? Learn from teams that have ‘been there, done that’ as we speak to various content owners and related advertisers on their recent collaborations.

Session Producer:

  • Tim Flattery, Executive Producer— Branded Entertainment, Carat


  • Damien Bray, CEO, Brand New Media Entertainment
  • Michael Cook, Executive Producer, The Feds
  • Matthew Hunt, Managing Director, RedLever

360—Social Media Marketing: How to Converse with Audiences

1:15–2:30 pm BREAKOUT Meeting Room 4

How to find, engage and retain audiences through social networks such as Bebo, Twitter, branded microcommunities and Facebook/MySpace widgets and iPhone applications. Specifically for those in the industry of providing ‘real time, experiential marketing’ social media assets (content) and distribution (networks) are pulled together to provide both campaign and long term strategies for building brand in the social media space. Laurel Papworth is a Power150 media blogger and in the top 5 media bloggers for Australia.She has been teaching for 20 years, mostly in the area of online communities and virtual communications.Laurel is the senior social media strategist in Australia, consulting to companies in Australia, Asia and Middle East including Fairfax: RSVP Dating Community, Sony Corporation, Universal McCann EricksonWorldWide and Channel Ten.

Session Producer:

  • Laurel Papworth, Social Networks Strategist

Branded Entertainment— A Global and Local View

3:00–4:15 pm BREAKOUT Meeting Room 4

Kelly Chapman and Sarah-Jane Woulahan will walk you through various examples of branded entertainment produced in Australia and internationally—from small, independent scale projects to huge global productions.Through case studies they’ll demonstrate approaches to creating immersive entertainment experiences that incorporate commercial partners, and explain how audience-centriccontent creation lends itself to meeting the needs of brands.

Session Producer:

  • Kelly Chapman, Producer, KCDC


  • Sarah-Jane Woulahan, Director, Portable


360 Market

12.00-1.15om Breakout: Meeting Room 2

This is an opportunity for producers to get a general update on the digital media landscape in Australia, meet those who are active in the space and develop relationships with potential partners including broadcasters, digital content distributors, digital studios, telcos, government agencies and branded entertainment media agencies. Producers will meet people who can assist with developing an efficient digital strategy and learn more about their requirements. Pitching is only allowed at the discretion of the executives. Pre-bookings essential. Please see Cynthia at the Roundtables Booking Desk on Level 4 for availability.

Executives include:

  • Debra Allanson, Managing Director, Studio Ish
  • Arul Baskaran, A/Head of Multiplatform Production, ABC
  • Mike Cowap, Development Manager, Innovation, Screen Australia
  • Dan Fill, Partner, Chocolate Liberation Front
  • Tim Flattery, Executive Producer—Branded Entertainment, Carat
  • Jason Franklin, General Manager, Branded Entertainment, Endemol Southern Star
  • Marcus Gillezeau, Producer, Firelight
  • James Grant Hay, Senior Brand Strategist, RedLever
  • Marshall Heald, Head of Online, SBS
  • Mike Kerry, Business Development Director, MySpace Video, Australia and New Zealand
  • Sally Nelson, Group Manager Movies & Video, Telstra Media
  • Christopher Smyth, Product Manager Video, Ninemsn
  • Jennifer Wilson, Director, The Project Factory

International Guests

  • Kay Benbow, Head of CBeebies Production, Animation & Acquisitions, BBC, UK
  • Andrew Bohn, Partner, Fluent Entertainment, US
  • Stephanie Bohn, Director of Worldwide Marketing, Digital Distribution, Warner Bros, US
  • Jules Borkent, SVP, Global Acquisitions & International Programming, Nickelodeon, US
  • Ken Faier, President, Nerd Corps, CA
  • Bob Higgins, Head of Creative, Wildbrain, US
  • Samantha Horley, Managing Director, Salt, UK
  • Brian Seth Hurst, CEO, The Opportunity Management Company, US
  • Ian Hutchinson, Partner, Silver Reel, UK
  • Heather Kenyon, VP Project Development & Sales, Starz Animation and Film Roman, US
  • Annmarie Lesiuk, Managing Director, Minds Eye International, US
  • Sharon Menzies, Managing Director, Fulcrum Media, NZ
  • Charlotte Mickie, Executive Vice-President International Film Sales e1 Entertainment, CA
  • Annie Miles, Executive Producer, UK
  • Siobhan Mulholland, Creative Director,, UK
  • Gordon Paddison, Founder & Principal, Stradella Road, US
  • Isaac Palmer, MD, MESA Global, US
  • Antonio Salas, Sales Executive, Bankside Films, UK
  • Christopher Sandberg, CEO and Founder, The company P, SE
  • Sander Schwartz, EVP, Head of Children and Family Entertainment, FremantleMedia, UK
  • Christopher Skala, Senior VP, Programming & New Content Development, HiT, UK
  • Adrian Ward, Senior Vice President—Entertainment, Sports & Media Department, Bank of California, US
  • Michael Werner, Co-Chairman of Fortissimo Films, HK
  • Matthew Weiner, Series Creator/Executive Producer/Writer, US
  • Nick Wilson, Director of Children’s Programmes, Five, UK
  • Michael Wrenn, Curious Film Distribution, NZ

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  1. SPAA 2009 Reaching Your Audience – LAMPicks | AFTRS LAMP

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  2. SPAA 2009 Reaching Your Audience – LAMPicks | AFTRS LAMP

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  3. SPAA 2009 Reaching Your Audience – LAMPicks | AFTRS LAMP

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  4. SPAA 2009 Reaching Your Audience – LAMPicks | AFTRS LAMP

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  5. SPAA 2009 Reaching Your Audience – LAMPicks | AFTRS LAMP

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