Aug 312005

�I told you I was ill� � Cathy Henkel and Kerry Sunderland
Cathy and Kerry talk about the hurdles they faced on the one hand and the wonderful opportunities that came their way while creating the cross-platform exploration of the life of Spike Milligan. They talk about the duality of TV/online combinations and how they generated a community of interest around their properties using traditional and not-so traditional techniques.

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Cathy Henkel works as a producer, writer and director of documentaries, drama, on-line and interactive content. Her previous television credits include Walking Through a Minefield, Losing Layla, (ATOM Award, Best Documentary, 2001) and The Man who Stole my Mother’s Face, (Best Feature Documentary, Tribeca Film Festival, New York; IF Award, Best Documentary, Australia, 2004).

Brisbane 31 Aug 2005
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Audio preparation by James Christopher Murty