May 152006

Tagline: “Australian Indigenous new media hub”
LAMP Lab: May 2006
Target platforms: TV, mobile and Broadband PC/TV
Project description: The Bush TV global broadband portal will create serious online media and production enterprise opportunities for Indigenous content producers, complimenting our already nationally established BUSH TV series on SBS and ABC. Target platforms are Broadband linear to TV, radio and print and a new broadband TV and IPTV channel.

There are as yet no national indigenous media content producers riding the convergence wave. We recognize this as a business opportunity and intend to have branded digital channel streaming and on-demand content. There is also no distribution network for indigenous content. We see this site as an rich media, online portal with blogs, wikis, news, content, viral events and enterprise opportunities for budding indigenous content producers reaching out to a global audience.

We have a partnership with SBS new media which we want to exploit to our full advantage. With the emergence of the NITV – National Indigenous TV network, we want to make sure we can provide an excellent online service for this network’s presence and ongoing viability. BUSH TV seeks to become the indigenous media brand that producers and broadcasters alike recognize as authentic, entertaining and informative. Our brand is about building indigenous media enterprise opportunities and bridging the ‘race’ gap.



Team Members
Tom Hearn – Executive Producer
EJ Garrett – Producer
Nik Lachajckzak – Graphic Designer
Guardian mentor: Catherine Gleeson
© Bush TV 2006

Feb 172006

He reckons
Tagline: “Not settling for what’s expected.”
LAMP Lab: December 2005
Target platforms: TV, Broadband and Mobile
Project description: Jarrod has no idea what to do with his life and wants to share his story. The Jarrod reckons project is a fun and inspiring transmedia look at different ‘life dilemmas’ people have found themselves in at various ages by allowing viewers to share their stories of life’s tensions. The TV show is complemented by a broadband portal that allows viewers to see extended interviews, follow in the footsteps of Jarrods exploits and read and see other’s life troubles. The SMS element keeps people informed of Jarrods journeys and promotes the show and broadband segments.



Team: Allison Jess, Jarrod Pickford, Dale Smart, (Developer: Anthony Eden)
Guardian mentor: Catherine Gleeson

© ABC TV Australia 2005

Oct 192005

Take part in a rich media script and film review broadband portal and win the chance to be part of the action
Tagline: “Go on a unique and intimate journey with a first-time moviemaker, as they make a $1,000,000 Australian feature film”
Company: Movie Network Channels
LAMP Lab: October 2005
Target platforms: Linear and broadband TV
Project description: Project Greenlight Australia 2 is an exciting new way to receive TV, a subscription broadband TV channel. But there is a lot more to it than that as it is a place where the viewer can join a community of like-minded people to review those submitted scripts sent in as part of the PGLA2 competition. They can view reviews, rate the viewers and the best reviewer can appear in the broadcasts. The package contains other bonuses too such as the shorts competitions, buying tickets and the ‘Lift Pitch’.


Team: Michelle Beasley, Renee Brack, Chris Berry.
Guardian mentor/s: Mark Pesce & others