May 292006

Thinking Big on the Small Screen © Keren Flavell 2006.

Recorded live and unedited during the LAMP lab in Perth in May 2006 in front of the seven teams developing emerging media projects.

Keren FlavellKeren looks broadly at the business, creative and future implications of the mobile industry. Beginning with a ‘branded Octopus’ metaphor Keren approaches “Thinking Big on the Small Screen” from the key perspective of mobile being an offshoot of the web and saying how it should be allowed to grow organically in the same way. The key challenges she raises with the independent content producer at the moment include how to reach the audiences, the skill of platform targeted service design, how to distribute content on and off portal and how to make money from all of this. With 2.5 billion mobiles in the world we are seeing more and more people accessing the internet via mobiles yet content providers are not creating mobile friendly sites and content delivered via this IP route.

Keren then talks about mass niche, the broadcast model evolved to personalized content that is relevant and timely to individuals. The mobile device at the moment is the most appropriate for this kind of personalized content but highly under utilised. She talks further about creating a richer experience on the next generation of devices that can handle much richer media and more importantly ubiquitous application environments such as Flash. Among the range of tips that Keren gives are: a) if you are creating services use the expertise of each operator to format your content for the vast range of devices on the market, dont waste time trying to do it yourself, b) if you go it alone then make sure people can get to your content using a range of referrals (she talks about semacode for example) and c) also try to build a community up around your content. She mentions that people are just waking up to mms sharing and that we all should be encouraging this activity as content providers by integrating this into our services.

In summing up Keren talks about usuability, relevance and experience. The quality of service is critical, if a game or video download fails then people will not go back and buy more. She talks about some innovative community services such as Funky, Sexy, Cool – a simple peer voting application that really grows communities using this as an example to point out that localised partners are critical to its success. As a final point she says there are real opportunities in building users through services that draw audiences into sharing, distributing, creating and involved in topical discussion – web 2.0 on mobiles.

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KEREN FLAVELL – Interactive Producer

Keren Flavell is an award-winning producer with over 10 years experience in interactive media production, documentary, radio and print, taking projects from conception through to production to sales and distribution. While heading up digital media production company, Springtime Productions, she won the prestigious Gold Hugo Award at the Chicago International Film Festival – Best Entertainment Website for the ABC/Film Victoria Digital Media Fund Accord project Sounds Like Techno.She also produced online documentary projects for SBS and Chunky Move. Keren’s other credits include producing major websites for BMG, Universal Music and Sanity. Keren is frequently engaged as a consultant on interactive media production strategy and implementation and her clients include ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), Jack Morton Worldwide, Southern Cross Cables, Royal Children’s Hospital and MusicMate.

Presently she is on the Lab3000 steering committee and AIMIA Victoria sub-committee. Keren has been a speaker at events such as the AIMIA conference, AIDC, Adelaide Festival FutureProof and lectured in new media production at Victoria College of the Arts, La Trobe University and Victoria University.
She is course director of the Development for Mobile Content course, run by AFTRS. Keren is the convenor of Mobile Monday Melbourne networking event and hosts a weekly podcast called the Mobile Media Show as well as a regular guest position on technology show Byte Into It (3RRRFM).She also runs a mobile entertainment network blog called Prior to launching into a career in new media Keren wrote a guidebook titled Camping and Tramping in Australia’s National Parks (Random House) that has sold over 20,000 copies and reprinted five times.

Perth 10 May 2006
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Dec 202005

The Practise of Interactive Narratives – Mark Stephen Meadows
Mark MeadowsMark provides us with a very accesible and compelling investigation into new forms of interactive narrative – alternate perspectives, interaction and user journeys. Using the analogy of “stories are about someone who has a problem more interesting than your own” he takes us through the conceptual development aspects of creating journeys that even under viewer control can still engage by providing decision and nodal points. Mark goes further to talk about the historical stages that human narrative have been through and looks at a richer AI based, modulated future of personal story.
Accompanying presentation “The Practise of Interactive Narratives” – Mark Stephen Meadows – HTML page link

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Mark Stephen Meadows is a painter that writes. He’s also engineers interactive systems, develops games, designs artificial emotion software and leads groups of designers into burning buildings, and then out again, unscathed. As an architect of interactive content he designs problem sets, characters, and the worlds in which they operate. As an educator he lectures on this work at universities, conferences, and private research institutions. His work of the last thirteen years has included work as Artist-in-Residence at Xerox-PARC, Creative Director for a venture of Stanford Research Institute, and co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of a VR and Internet company named Construct. Meadows has spent time as artist/researcher at the Waag Society, in Holland, and has worked as a consultant for dozens of companies, both large and small.

AGSM Sydney 05 Dec 2005
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Audio preparation by James Christopher Murty

Sep 022005

Designing for cross media channels � Ric Holland
Ric HollandRic explores a range of cutting edge design techniques using a mixture of his own innovative work at IBM and other companies but also drawing attention to newer developments. He highlights the importance of brand, consistency across platforms and the principles of definition, profile and scenarios.
Accompanying presentation – Designing Cross-Media and Creative Branding 4.2MB PDF

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As a Creative Director and Innovator over the past 25 years Ric Holland has also been a consultant to major brands in music production, wireless, broadband, games and CG content creation, helping to find alternate revenue markets, cross-media business models and creative concepts for digital interactive content.

Adelaide 2 Sep 2005
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Audio preparation by James Christopher Murty