Jul 022007

Project description: Take the pulse of the city through the wrists of writers, using sms. This is an entirely new service that builds upon the strengths and flexibility of mobile, locative, and social networking technologies, applied uniquely via collaborative inputs from a network of writers. p.u.l.s.e is an innovative collaborative writing project that explores the intersections of writing and mobile technologies





Team Members
Megan Heyward, David Bartolo and Miek Dunbar
Guardian Mentors: Peter Giles & Catherine Gleeson
LAMP Lab: June 2007
Target media: Mobile, Broadband PC

Nov 102006

Project description: The city is a playground in which players use their mobile phones and other portable devices to receive cryptic rich media clues via SMS, voicemail, podcasts, video downloads, and a dedicated website. These clues give rise to an interactive treasure hunt that can also be played out simultaneously in an identical virtual world.

City 04

City 06

City 10

City 05

City 03

City Team

Team Members
David Bartolo – Producer/Director/Designer
Michael Sarroff – Writer/Producer/Designer

Guardian mentor/s: Jennifer Wilson, Peter Giles
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Mobile 1-3G, Broadband, Vod/Podcasts, Virtual Worlds, TV
David Bartolo and Michael Sarroff © 2006