Jul 252008

The AFTRS Laboratory for Advanced Media Production, the first three years of residentials. Around 34 of the 61 projects that were developed over one intensive week to a pitch, flash by in 2 minutes.

These images are part of the original 15-20 minute presentation at the end of that week to commissioners, interested stakeholders and most importantly the mentors and each other. At the moment most are in further development, seven are in full production and five have been produced to audience.

Music: Bounty Island, DJ Shah’s Antonio Harbour Mix

The projects in the video are:
Aftershock, Faction, Captive, Stalkers Ink, Catalyst, Black Creek (renamed), Killer Gene, Machine, Detective Dale, Mondo Froggo, Get Carla, City Games, Middlemania, The Apartment, InWorld, Project Greenlight 2, Thursday’s Fictions, Portable Ghosts, Virtual Roadside Memorials, Call to Arms:Sea Patrol, Master Raindrop, Insect Men, HitIt, Perfect Partner, Tell Tales, Wild Ark, Georgiana Molloy, What If Macbeth, Urban Anarchy, Sum of our Parts, Read with me Play with Me

Mar 182006

LAMPodTwo video podcasts from LAMP. These hybrid “making of’s” and “promos” give an insight into the LAMP process. They contain behind the scene glimpses at seminars, workshops, presentations and the last two residential labs. The 5 minute version contains a more detailed look at the first live-in-lab, mentors and guest speakers.

If you already subscribe to the LAMP iTunes podcast feed it is available as an automatic update

or for direct downloads:

  • The 2 minute version (14MB mp4 quicktime) click here.
  • The 5 minute version (34MB mp4 quicktime) click here.

The video format is video iPod and PC ready and contain several references to most of the previous LAMP projects which are listed below:

Video credits:

  • Titles: Catherine Gleeson, Peter Giles
  • Edited: Rowena Crowe, Gary Hayes
  • Written: Teresa Rizzo, LAMP
  • Voice: Jen Oldershaw
  • Music: Gary Hayes
  • Produced: LAMP
Oct 192005

A cross-media docu-drama about an early Australian settler
Tagline: “Immersion into the world of Georgiana Molloy who lived, loved and learned”
Company:Jag Films
Target platforms: TV, broadband PC
LAMP Lab: October 2005
Project description: An emotive story about a soon to be Australian icon. Follow Georgiana�s route from Scotland to Australia, her settler diaries, botanical notes and her insights into the new cultures she found. Told through a range of online diaries, blogs and navigable clips there is also an online community keeping this part of history alive.


Team: Jennifer Gherardi, Bernice Barry, Chris Hunt.
Guardian mentor/s: Sohail Dahdal


© Jag Films Pty Ltd. 2005