Jun 252007

Games Design Book If film was the medium of the 20th Century and games the medium of the 21st, how do we bring together the best elements of these two monoliths of entertainment?

The next generation of games will rely on story, narrative and character development to immerse users inside the experience so that they are living the story. What skills do the creators of these media experiences need to develop compelling content for the future?

The seminar will be keynoted by Deborah Todd, an award winning games designer from LA and recent author of the best selling book Game Design: From Blue Sky to Green Light. She will talk about the key ingredients of planning, designing and structuring a compelling game, referring to the types of stories and characters best adapted from linear film and TV to the games medium.

Other speakers Jackie Turnure and Luke Carruthers will cover areas including role-playing game environments inside social virtual worlds, production methodologies, user-generated games and a market overview.

This is a must-attend free seminar for linear producers, writers and broadcasters who are considering turning their show or film into a console, online or casual game.

Where: Museum of Sydney, 37 Philip St, Sydney – (NB: not to be confused with the Australian Museum)

When: Thursday 28th June 2007, 2pm – 4.30pm

RSVP: Free but registration is ESSENTIAL. Please register online by clicking here


Keynote Speaker Bio: Deborah Todd – Games Designer/Writer

Deborah ToddDeborah Todd is a veteran award-winning designer, writer, producer and director in the interactive arena, with 14 published games and 20 published titles to her credit since 1991. Her new book, Game Design: From Blue Sky to Green Light, is published by A K Peters, and was released at GDC 2007. From initial blue-sky sessions to pitching for a green light, Deborah Todd uses creative exercises and examples from classic and contemporary games to highlight different aspects of the game-design process: the decision and brainstorming phase, story and character design, content creation, testing, designing documents, and flowcharting. Many of the game industry’s brightest professionals share insights on key elements in game design and their analysis of what makes a game a blockbuster hit.

She has worked with some of the industry’s top publishers and Hollywood studios, including Disney Interactive, Disneyland, Fox, DreamWorks, Discovery Channel, MGM/UA, Columbia, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, The Learning Company, Humongous Entertainment, Broderbund, Mindscape, Houghton-Mifflin, McGraw-Hill, Random House, and Steven Spielberg’s Starbright Foundation.

Her projects have garnered such awards as the ABA Book Sellers Choice New Media Award, the ComputEd Best Interactive Story Award, Child Magazine’s Best Software of the Year Award, Parenting Magazine’s Software Magic Award, and U.S. News and World Report’s Top 12 Titles of the Year.

Deborah taught a 4-month game design course at a college in the Silicon Valley, which she developed and which ultimately sparked the idea for her latest book. She has also guest lectured at several universities including UCSF writing for the new media program, UC Hayward master’s program on game design, and at En’jmin in Angouleme, France, also a master’s program in game design, where she is working again this summer on an intensive games workshop.

Apr 112006

Producing Multi-Platform TVLAMP is involved in a one-day special event to be held at AFTRS on the 5th May called “Producing Multi-Platform TV”. A comprehensive look at cross-media and the current transformation of television in a multi-device and global multi-distribution world.

A line-up of top-level guest speakers will provide insights into producing interactive content for next generation television in Australia and overseas at a seminar at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) on Friday, 5 May 2006.

Keynote speaker, David Jensen is a recognised leader of the interactive television industry, having won two Primetime Emmy’s for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Television (Viacom 2005 and ABC 2004) and seven Emmy nominations over the past four years.

Geof Heydon, Director, Innovation and Market Development for Alcatel Asia Pacific, will explore IPTV, explain what it really is and the strategic importance of this new capability that will transform TV based services. He will demonstrate some of the future converged entertainment options that combine TV, broadband and telecommunications elements.

A range of other Australian leading industry practitioners will provide valuable insights into how to plan for the revolution of digital television and explore opportunities it will present. For more details and to register online: click here