Oct 182005

South Australian film and digital media practitioners have banded together to create the Cross Platform Producers Group (CPPG).

Comprised of emerging and established producers who work across screen media platforms, the Group has come together to strengthen networks and help build a thriving screen media industry in South Australia.
With the rapid take-up of broadband, digital tv and other new media in Australia, the Group recognise that it is important to stay ahead of new advances in technology.
Emerging and new media allow for innovative approaches to developing both drama and documentary programs and South Australian practitioners are exploring how to develop interactive content for delivery via internet, television, cinema and mobile phones.

The Group was inspired to form after meeting earlier in 2005 with Adelaide Thinker in Residence Peter Wintonick. A major figure in the digital documentary arena, Wintonick has inspired a new generation of digital media filmmakers.
The Cross Platform Producers Group will share information, skills, opportunities and ideas. It will consolidate and develop networks with national and international bodies and work to raise the profile of SA based creative practitioners and producers.
The Group believe that the heartbeat of any successful screen industry is the local producers and will lobby that the state funds in screen production are focussed on local producers. They are taking a cue from successful models from Canada – where smaller states such as Nova Scotia have flourishing film and cross platform industries.
The Cross Platform Producers Group will ensure that South Australian creative producers stay in touch and informed and make the most of the exciting and rapidly evolving field of digital and interactive

Cross Platform Producers Group – we make stuff. Now!!
For further information email crossplatform.sa@gmail.com