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LAMP Lab: Marysville, Victoria, February 2008

Title: Touched by the road toll – NSW

Project Description: In Australia there are five deaths on our roads every day. ‘Touched by the road toll’ is an online social network for all those affected by road trauma. Behind every fatality there are a thousand stories. This online sanctuary provides a space where people can tell their story, create compelling tributes, find support and understanding from an online community, and ultimately heal.

Target Media: Web, Mobile, TV, Virtual Worlds, Locative Mapping, Physical World

LAMP VIII Marysville

LAMP VIII Marysville

LAMP VIII Marysville

LAMP VIII Marysville

Team Members:

  • Sandra Cook – Producer/Creator
  • Kerry Sunderland – Online Producer/Designer
  • Tamsin Smyth – Designer

Guardian Mentor/s: Laurel Papworth

Copyright: 2008

Nov 202006

Project description: is an online space where an audience of 15-24 year olds can explore the meaning of love through the hilarious dilemmas of Cecil Brown and his sister Cecelia. The weekly short-form mockumentary drama series ends with a cliff-hanger, which invites the audience to influence the story line, share experiences and vote for the suggestions of other people.

Cecil Brown 08

Cecil Brown 07

Cecil Brown 05

Cecil Brown 01

Team Members
Ryk Goddard – Writer/Performer
Sandi Rapson – Producer/Designer
Caleb Doherty – Sound/Video

Guardian mentor/s: Keren Flavell
LAMP Lab: October 2006
Target media: Broadband, TV, Mobile
Ryk Goddard © 2006