Jul 182008

‘Building a Social Network” Strategies, implementation and management of online communities.

Laurel PapworthLaurel takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the various features and functions of organic social networks and how to identify positive and negative aspects of existing services. She refers to how on entry the motto/tagline, tools and what the community are discussing should be clearly visible. Other critical components Laurel mentions are sustainability of identity, notification of what is public and private, peer appraisal and methodologies to build trust. She then goes on to explain the many and varied forms of synchronous and asynchronous communication and the types of interaction certain demographics prefer.

Explaining why many sites need to also clearly display premium vs free content she references the member life cycle of visitor, newcomer, registered, responder, leader and elder combined with the various leadership types goes to make a rich tapestry of how communities form and evolve. Laurel talks about the best ways to manage closely knit communities and associated swarm behaviour – how empowering structured small groups actually engenders trust and makes it self-contained and ready to grow itself. She ends with a very useful summary of all the key points and answers as few questions such as fake content, her favourite community and reiterates the three main types of social networks (depth of content, filter and straight communications).

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A series of podcasts of short presentations given by mentors at the LAMP VIII residential lab in Marysville, Victoria in February 2008.

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LAUREL PAPWORTH – Online Community Strategist, World Communities

Laurel Papworth is a consultant specialising in educating companies in how to maximise value from social networks, social media and web 2.0 technologies.

In the past she had lead roles in digitising Fairfax Newspapers and establishing Optus Convergent media and now Laurel lectures on marketing into social networks at the University of Sydney and advising clients such as Channel 10 (Australian Idol community) and Telecom New Zealand.

Laurel frequently presents on Web 2.0 technologies and how they can best be used at a business level including corporate blogging, RSS feeds, user documentation wikis and vibrant customer communities. Renowned blog here.


This podcast presentation by LAMP @ AFTRS.

Audio recorded by Peter Giles and Brett Robertson

Description, editing, podcasting and produced by Gary Hayes

Oct 192005

Live and interactive dating game show
Tagline: “Tune in, play along and find your perfect partner”
LAMP Lab: October 2005
Target platforms: TV, Interactive TV, Online and Mobile
Project description: Ever wanted to find your perfect match? Or see how compatible you are with your current partner? Your Perfect Partner begins with a live gala TV event and you can play along with the entertaining programme online, via SMS or via interactive TV. Once you�ve created your profile you will receive a profile of your ideal partner as well as finding out what other people look for in a relationship. You can communicate with others who play along or use the unique online tool to help you find your perfect partner from all your compatible matches. You can also use the tools to make your current relationship the best that it can be.


Team: Aidan O’Bryan, Janelle Landers, David Gibson
Guardian mentor: Gary Hayes


© WBMC (A division of WBG Pty Ltd.) 2005

Oct 192005

A unique non-linear sci-fi drama/comedy
Tagline: “Let’s get the brain back together”
Company: IM1D
Target platforms: Broadband PC, Mobile, Locative media
LAMP Lab: October 2005
Project description: The world’s first GILM (game/film). Insect Men From the First Dimension is an online investigative game in which players trawl the web salvaging the memories as short film fragments, of two characters who have lost their minds. Players then assemble the video memories, restoring order and proceeding to further levels. There are communities of interest that will build around the conspiratorial nature of hacker meets corporate business and elements of surprise and viral distribution supply even more intrigue.


Team: Ryder Grindle, Gawain Gollop, Chris Hatswell
Guardian mentor/s: Christy Dena


© Ryder Grindle & Gawain Gollop 2005