Feb 122009

Two and a half years ago (October 2005) LAMP allowed website readers to download a small screen shot, PDF (where only the text was visible) of a 880 word article in Australian Financial Review published 6 Oct 2005.

The article was entirely about the newly formed LAMP – the BBC background of Gary Hayes (brought in to run it), interviews with Peter Giles (Head of Digital Media), Gary Hayes and LAMP mentors.

Two days ago we were sent a legal notice from Fairfax media saying we had breached copyright. So on request we have removed the screen shot and also have to publish these statements. Enjoy.

  1. AFTRS is not the holder of licensee of any intellectual property rights or trade mark rights authorising it to include materials from AFR on the Website;
  2. Such articles are reproduced, published and communicated to the public without the consent of Fairfax;
  3. There is no association between Fairfax and AFTRS with respect to the Website; and
  4. Customers must destroy all hard and soft copies of any materials from AFR in their possession