Apr 182006

The AFTRS Centre for Screen Business have been holding a range of seminars looking at new forms of distribution. Some of the LAMP team were involved and did a special presentation entitled “Don’t Get Lost – Discover Findability – A LAMP development workshop”

In a networked TV world of a billion items available to consumers, producers need to embrace new techniques such as viral marketing, cross-media exploitation, blogging, RSS Feeds, podcasting, interactive ads and Alternative Reality Games. These new ways to connect personally with global audiences are critical to online distribution success.

The LAMP presentations and mini pitching session were well received.

In Melbourne, Christy Dena gave a production orientated, step-by-step guide to the creative ways film and TV producers can and are making themselves attractive and findable to audiences using cross-media techniques. (2MB PDF).

In Sydney Gary Hayes explored similar themes, audience and platform fragmentation, new programme formats, media capability and emerging forms (4.2MB PDF).

Peter Giles gave a talk on both days with an emphasis on the impact of the portal and how to overcome the dangers of getting lost in the noise. (1.4MB PDF).

Nov 082005

Playground of the Converged Producer – Peter Giles
Peter guides us through the potential opportunities for emerging media producers, how to generate income and the changing world of advertising. Using examples such as the success of JibJab, Happy Tree Friends and Cineclix Peter suggests new business models existing linear producers can adopt. He gives us his perspective on the obligatory Long Tail phenomenom and how recommendation agents help us navigate the deeper parts of niche markets.

Viral marketing is used as one of the new models to get yourself noticed in the increasing noise of broadband markets, Big Ad is cited as an interesting model of this. Finally Peter talks us through a range on new form advertising on interactive TV, broadband and mobiles and paints a picture of how user generated content fits into this new world.
Accompanying presentation – Playground of the Converged Producer 591k PDF

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Adelaide 2 Sep 2005
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Audio preparation by James Christopher Murty