Mar 092008

A mini ARG (Alternate Reality Game) with virtual world parallel components as part of the 8th LAMP residential in Marysville, Victoria Australia.

We have been running LAMP residential workshops for nearly 3 years now and on the first day we normally run a team bond/building game. The last eight have been 2+ hour long location puzzles, scavenger hunts, role playing, team work with with the intention of exploring cross-media, story and game play. The last four have incorporated the virtual world of Second Life as a parallel story environment to embed clues and story. We finally managed to capture one of these last month for posterity – 24 New Zealand and Australian media industry professionals immersed in this mixed (or cross) reality experience.

The video shows the mirror build in SL of the old house where we had the workshop, has clues within puzzles that point you to real world locations and real world locations pointing back to Second Life as part of a quest to uncover the truth. Based on a fictional story about early settlers, an ancient spell book, witches, the war and evacuated school children, the quest moves into the grounds, secret parts of the building, a nearby sculpture garden and ends in a chanting fire ceremony. Other media involved included live mobile phone role playing, walkie talkies, photographs, websites, placed props/objects. Many seen in the video.

An 89MB medium rez MP4 version is available here

Project Credits:

  • Produced, devised & original story: Gary Hayes
  • Writing: Matt Costello & Gary Hayes
  • Print design: Catherine Gleeson
  • Second Life creation: Gary Hayes
  • Tech support: Brett Robertson

Film credits

  • Live action camera: Peter Giles
  • Editing: Gary Hayes
  • Music composed: Gary Hayes

Special thanks to:

  • Bruno’s Sculpture Garden
  • Marylands Conferences
  • Brett Robertson, Cassandra Joslyn, Peter Giles & Rachael Hainsworth for support
  • AFTRS (Australian Film TV and Radio School)
  • and especially all the participants and mentors on the 8th LAMP residential

More details about this and other ‘mARGs’ on the LAMP wiki here:

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