Mar 182006

LAMPodTwo video podcasts from LAMP. These hybrid “making of’s” and “promos” give an insight into the LAMP process. They contain behind the scene glimpses at seminars, workshops, presentations and the last two residential labs. The 5 minute version contains a more detailed look at the first live-in-lab, mentors and guest speakers.

If you already subscribe to the LAMP iTunes podcast feed it is available as an automatic update

or for direct downloads:

  • The 2 minute version (14MB mp4 quicktime) click here.
  • The 5 minute version (34MB mp4 quicktime) click here.

The video format is video iPod and PC ready and contain several references to most of the previous LAMP projects which are listed below:

Video credits:

  • Titles: Catherine Gleeson, Peter Giles
  • Edited: Rowena Crowe, Gary Hayes
  • Written: Teresa Rizzo, LAMP
  • Voice: Jen Oldershaw
  • Music: Gary Hayes
  • Produced: LAMP

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