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Multi-platform content, transmedia storytelling or cross media has developed into a relatively mature area for storytellers to either extend an existing property or create completely new ground-up experiences. Multi-platform storytelling will not be an option, as an audience will expect to experience rich interaction across and in all their media, with a different yet connected experience no matter where they are and what they are doing.

This new form of storytelling across multiple media platforms has great potential for those already familiar with basic game play, social media and high quality storytelling as it is a balanced mix of all three. These seminars and workshops focus on the deeper storytelling potential of 360 storytelling, helping traditional content makers go beyond a web scavenger hunt or point and click 2D website and develop a strong ‘story bible’ defining the environments a distributed narrative will exist in. Mentors will introduce story constructs that will drive meaningful interactions for the users across relevant platforms and techniques to retain a deeper narrative structure across works that may last weeks or months.

Mentored by practising transmedia producers and creators this lab is a mix of

  • 3-9 month consultancy and remote mentoring
  • Half day presentations across the wide range of transmedia developments
  • Full day workshops on transmedia development and multi platform prototyping and pitching
  • Intensive 3 day – 1 week incubators designed to truly inspire your next transmedia project and develop new forms for existing branded entertainment

3 comments on “Multi-Platform Lab

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  2. Laura Fleming

    I am a school librarian with a passion for 21st century literacies and specifically interactive literature.
    I was so excited to stumble upon your site! it all sounds very exciting and is exactly the kind of thing I speak about on my blog….Please take a look!
    I would love to know if there is anything I can do to help you on your endeavor.

    Laura Fleming

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