On A Mission

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StoryLab’s mission

  • To stimulate innovative story focused digital content creation in partnership with the industry and under the guidance of internationally recognised mentors
  • To disseminate new ideas, research and resources through on-line networks and educational training events
  • To assist production teams get their projects commissioned through the development of strong ideas and presentation and proof of concepts
  • To link creative teams with the transmedia industry players across broadcasting, mobile, new media and technology sectors
  • To create a neutral ground for collaboration between creative teams, global mentors and the Australian, US and UK entertainment industries


  • StoryLabs will pioneer next-generation storytelling techniques by pushing the limits of digital entertainment practices and technologies
  • StoryLabs will consist of a series of presentations, seminars, workshops and incubators – enabling the conception and development of original IP future story and audience centric services
  • StoryLabs will equip participants and project teams with the tools they need to create compelling interactive and multi platform services by being made aware of the range of deployed and emerging distribution channels available to them
  • StoryLabs is strategically content and service focused but with a healthy balance of technical and business relevance

1 comment on “On A Mission

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