Locative Lab

The online world has fast become mobile and along with this revolution we are seeing a vast arena open up for storytellers and game creators to explore, literally. Driven by geo-social networks we are heading into a future of place-based storytelling, augmented reality pervasive games and powerful, emotional interactions with the world around us.

These seminars and workshops help traditional content creators become proficient in creating original cutting edge smart mobile, wearable computing and touch tablet content and services that truly utilise place and space. Story based services including casual games, life enhancements, mobile social network design, augmented reality apps, pervasive games and emerging geo-location experiences.

Mentored by internationally acclaimed mobile content developers this lab is a mix of:

  • Half day presentations on various mobile topics
  • Full day workshops on mobile service development
  • 3-9 month consultancy and remote mentoring
  • Intensive 3 day – 1 week incubators designed to truly inspire your next mobile project and develop new concepts

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