StoryLabs are keen to work with professional storytellers and corporate entities who want to go beyond pure marketing but develop original, user and audience centric formats. Please send a simple, brief 'expression of interest' and start to get involved in the StoryLab's process.

    You also need to subscribe to the mentoring network (click StoryLabs network top left) tell us what sort of cross media creator you are and join the StoryLab'ers community - which will allow you to connect yourself and your project with mentors.

    For now fill in the form below which will be covered by our Mutual NDA, giving a little about your project so we can then more strategically plan our labs and process and your part in them.

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    A short summary of your project such as a brief synopsis of your story world, an innovative product or service vision, cutting edge plot, characters, game story and any information which makes your project unique that will help us understand your needs.

    Note: this will be shared confidentially to selected mentors (identified to you) and your IP is protected but even so, reveal only what is comfortable for you.

    A quick statement as to the status of the story development or project and a little about you, a team or an individual etc:.

    Which territory would you prefer as your 1st priority for a physical lab

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    If you can, please indicate which lab (eg: games, ad lab, community etc) you feel your project most appropriate for

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