Co-creating transmedia communities

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I am speaking at a conference later this week called Arresting Audiences all about identifying and reaching an ‘audience’. OK not a big fan of audience as the word here because we are paradoxically talking about the audience becoming ‘users and/or contributors’ but do you have other great examples? See below:

The focus of  many DIY type film/TV conferences of course is getting eyeballs onto a linear proposition and my two talks are ‘Talking to an Audience’ and ‘Small Screens Big Connections’ – the later co-presenting with Winter Mead and the Glee SuperFan experience and also featured speaker is Buffy/Dollhouse/Galatica/Torchwood writer Jane Espensen

I have written a lot about the layering of real properties & artists into social story and crowd collab eg: The Good Bad and Ugly of Artists moving into Social Media but in preparing my talk/s (which will be on slideshare immediately before) I have the usual suspects to talk about (listed below) where moving the story into the social network, making the story an experience or making the narrative more collaborative have resulted in building loyalty around the property but wondered if any StoryLabers have some other great examples or works they have been involved in that had astounding results – particularly not the zillion dollar budget experiences…

  • Hiro’s blog, 360 & Evolutions – Heroes
  • Fanisodes – L Word
  • Community Created Content – Mob Mentality, The Mongoliad, Lost Zombies
  • The Cosmonaut – Crowd Funded
  • Margenes blog – Grey’s Anatomy
  • Crowd Created Content – Radiohead, Imogen Heap, Life in a Day (Ridley Scott)
  • Character tweets – Madmen, The Event
  • Crossing Jordan blog
  • Dwights blog -The Office US
  • Natalies blog – Monk
  • Tracey Fragments, Two Fist One Heart – MashUps
  • One Life to Live
  • Salt – Facebook Connect
  • Bluebird ARG – ABC
  • Find 815 – Lost
  • Community as Cast – Redd Inc, Forget the Rules
  • MyGeneration Synch Social TV – ABC US
  • Paranormal / Blair Witch – Social web enigma
  • Being Jo Sapien
  • Social narrative – Trent Reznor, Savage Country
  • Social good – Conspiracy for Good
  • & a zillion other forumlaic ARGs 🙂

After presentation – For reference here is the final presentation and a long post here

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