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Welcome to the StoryLabs Network

Please consider this FAQ an on-going document and all feedback welcome


  1. BLOG one-to-many –  everyone is set as ‘author’ status! So, click on ‘My Blogs’ on top mini menu and choose ‘StoryLabs Network / New Post’ and share with us something of substance. Ideas, project or industry opinion, business issues etc: Mentors particularly will be keeping an eye out for great ideas and we may suggest submitting them! Also we will always be on the lookout for potential mentors to join the official list based on the expertise level here!
  2. PERSONAL UPDATE – Go to ‘My Account / Activity / Personal ‘ on the top menu. This brings you to your profile and simply give us quick updates in the ‘What’s New’ box half way down the page
  3. FORUM – If you want more 2 way, threaded discussion simply click on the ‘FORUMS’ tab below the header and then click on ‘New Topic’ to start a discussion. Suggest this is good for more detailed issues or planning ideas.
  4. DIRECT CHAT – To communicate with just one specific member privately just click ‘MEMBERS’ tab below the header, find and click on the member and then on ‘SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE’ button below their name. Only you and they will see this. You can keep track of all these messages in top bar ‘My Account / Messages / Inbox’
  5. TWITTER AND FACEBOOK – You can link Twitter and Facebook to your status updates here by going to top bar ‘My Account / Settings / TWEETSTREAM or FACESTREAM’ here you can authorise the 2way flow…If you want your tweets to appear in the sidebar list just send admin a request with your twitter name
  6. FULL SUBMISSIONS and PROCESS – Please read the Submit Now! page here that contains the process and best ways to submit projects depending on where they are in the process. This process format has IP attached and is © StoryLabs


  1. HELLO – Be friendly to each other, constructively criticize and openly discuss that which you are responsible for – that’s it really but here are some more to nut out some of the details – all comments welcome
  2. ONLY WE CAN SEE OUR CONVERSATIONS –  open ‘conversation’ (updates, blogs, forum threads) are ONLY visible to those who are registered with completed profiles. This is to encourage us to talk more freely knowing it is protected from the eyes of the world!
  3. MODERATED ENTRY – To make sure members in here are welcome and working already in the ‘story’ space there is a bit of front end moderation.
  4. INDIVIDUAL PRIVACY SETTINGS – Each member has control over some of their individual privacy settings – such as if friends, everyone or no one (as if) can see their updates etc:
  5. MENTOR GROUP – Is just for official mentors and is used to discuss StoryLabs operations and filter projects that are being considered for further development in the labs and on-going support
  6. THE LARGER NETWORK – The full network community that contains mentors, participants and other StoryLabs affiliated members will eventually contain hundreds of members. Please welcome new members, help them contribute, comment on others contributions, like their contributions and help develop thinking around new transmedia storytelling in this many-to-many environment
  7. CONFIDENTIALITY – To encourage open sharing everyone who is registered on this network is AGREED to confidentiality based on the Mutual NDA. That is any specifics of open projects that the ‘contributor’ labels AS CONFIDENTIAL remains within this community and cannot be discussed outside. If you are found to break this confidentiality in any way you will immediately be removed and if required action MAY be taken by the contributor ONLY and not StoryLabs.
  8. LANGUAGE – Everyone is equally encouraged to contribute to the main ‘private’ blog, forums & chat areas but remember we live by our words online so across the whole site please refrain from obscene, bigoted, or sexually explicit language.
  9. REMOVAL – We (admins) reserve the right to remove postings that contain obscene, bigoted, insulting, abusive, or hateful content, and suspend or terminate the guest accounts of anyone who posts such content.
  10. ADVERTISING – No direct adverts for events, products or projects beyond those which you are keeping with the StoryLabs mission, where you are specifically keen on getting opinions on from other members – remember we do encourage you sharing project ideas within this network on the condition your IP is protected elsewhere AND that anyone who joins this forum is aware of the basic confidentiality agreement detailed here
  11. COPYRIGHT – You must have copyright or permission to post any material – written word, documents, scripts etc:
  12. PASSWORDS – Please do not share login passwords with anyone within or without the forum – breaking this rule also breaks the confidentiality rule and will result in termination
  13. SPAM – Having good manners online means that you don’t post the same note more than once. The online word for posting many times on one topic is “spamming.” We don’t allow that.
  14. RESPONSIBILITY – You take responsibility for postings under your identification and use the information provided on this site, including on message boards, chat, and e-mail, at your own risk. We take no responsibility for the content or opinions posted on message boards, chat, and e-mail.
  15. REMINDER – We reserve the right to remove any postings if we feel they breach any of these guidelines
  16. SPILL THE BEANS – If you see any chat, or message board post that you feel violates any of the above house rules, please notify the admins immediately
  17. COPY PASTE DISTRIBUTE – Do NOT copy and paste any part of another’s posting or any admin posts such as this one – on this network to an external site, a private external email to a non-member or copy any document WITHOUT prior permission of the contributor
  18. HAVE FUN – Use good judgment, and have a great time.

If you feel you cannot adhere to any of the above please send a note to the admin before deleting your account ALTERNATIVELY if it is something that we can alter to make you feel happier please DONT delete your account and send a note or comment below!


There are only three groups setup so far:

  1. StoryLabers – an open group which contains everyone involved in the labs
  2. StoryLabs Mentors – a private group for mentors only
  3. StoryLabs Founding Mentors – a private group for StoryLabs steerage

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