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Making Transmedia Make Money – Jennifer Wilson – StoryLabs Podcast Ep.5

Making Transmedia Make Money – Why you are unlikely to make any money unless you are willing to deal with the small stuff, lots of it. Jennifer explores the commercial realities around many digital business models and shows how they can be applied to almost any Multi Platform and Transmedia project. Case studies will feature non-commercial projects such as China Heart & Making Australia Happy and how they could have been commercialised. A presentation by Jennifer Wilson given at the inaugural Screen Australia & StoryLabs digital ignition lab held in Robertson in late November 2011.

StoryLab’s Podcasts: Recorded and Produced by Gary P Hayes

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Jennifer Wilson (Australia) – http://storylabs.us/mentors/#JENNIFER-WILSON

Jennifer Wilson is a Director of The Project Factory – a multiplatform media company. She is fascinated by the intersection of creative concepts, their technical implementation and the commercial realities that underpins these. Beyond cross-platform – the intelligent exploration of how to generate engagement on the third and fourth screens through social, play, story, sharing and interactivity. She is passionate about mobile (ubiquity); semantic web (understanding), social media (connection) and the need to find engagement at the heart of every interaction.

Jennifer teaches courses in multiplatform, trans- and convergent media. She works with emerging leaders across all forms of media to help them understand the connected, networked world. She has authored books and papers aimed at writers and film makers covering key concepts, business models, rights issues and new ways of thinking about copyright. Jennifer is a member of SPAA, on the board of AIMIA and chairs the Mobile Industry Group.

Social Media Lab

We are seeing a revolution take place as traditional story tellers begin to introduce narrative into large and relatively unexplored communities and social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or Twitter. It is also important to tread carefully and respect these ‘reflections-of-reality’ spaces and not to broadcast but to simultaneously listen, create and co-create with the community. Also it is critical that producers & writers of any new service can effectively grow and nurture community.

Developing great community and social media content story and services is also part marketing that will effectively engage with these new channels.

Areas covered by the sessions will include Social Media Entertainment, Marketing, Fragmented Story Telling, Improvisation, Characterisation, Audience Research, Participatory Forms, Community Management as well as covering all areas of long and short form story telling in collaboration with existing users of networks.

The Community StoryLabs will also seek to discover and define the ‘next’ frontiers of Social Media and mentored by globally renowned social media practitioners this lab is a mix of:

  • Half day presentations on key social media topics
  • 3-9 month consultancy and remote mentoring
  • Full day workshops on social network, communities and pitching new service ideas
  • Intensive 3 day – 1 week incubators designed to invigorate, develop and prototype your next social media project
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