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Building TV and Film Communities – Laurel Papworth – StoryLabs Podcast Ep15

laurel_portraitBUILDING TV AND FILM COMMUNITIES – Laurel takes us methodically through the various steps in how to grow ‘communities of interest’ around film and TV properties but also building networks around the creative forces that drive these properties and how to make them feel inclusive and involved. She refers to the issues of pushing content at audiences vs making users find, filter and forward content on your behalf and also about the difference between a campaign and a collaborative goal with the users. Laurel touches on crowd-funding using a range of case studies and introduces the seminar with a simple look at how to use Facebook to find some key metrics around brands and keywords and ends on the importance of influencers and building a trusted relationship with your key networks.

Building TV and Film Communities – A presentation by Laurel Papworth, given at the StoryLabs & Screen Australia Film 3.0 labs and digital ignition seminar held in Sydney in late Nov 2012. StoryLab’s Podcasts: Recorded and Produced by Gary P Hayes

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LAUREL PAPWORTH (AUS)Laurel was named in 2012 by Forbes magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally , and Marketing Magazine named her “Head of Industry, Social Media” for Australia. Author of Social Media Revenue, Laurel has consulted globally including with Singapore Government and Middle East Broadcasting, and in Australia, with Westpac, Sony, local, State and Federal Government. Laurel is the CEO of The Community Crew managing massive gaming and online communities including Facebook and forums for reality TV shows such as Junior Masterchef. Since 2005, Laurel has been lecturing on online community management at the University of Sydney, AFTRS, UWS etc and she has been managing virtual communities since 1989. Laurel’s blog laurelpapworth.com has been named by AdAge in the Power150 media blogs worldwide and she is in the top 10 bloggers for Australia as well as100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter.



World Class Mentors announced for Screen Australia Multi Platform Residential Clinic

Screen Australia have released the names of eight of the nine mentors pulled together for this event by StoryLabs, on their site here. We copy the full release below too. It also worth mentioning the final submission date is not far way too, Friday 30 September.

Some of the Mentors on Screen Australia Digital Ignition Clinic


Friday 23 September 2011

Screen Australia is thrilled to announce the mentors for its upcoming Digital Ignition Multi-platform Clinic, including renowned pioneer Lance Weiler(US) on his first trip to Australia, whom WIRED magazine named “one of 25 people helping to reinvent entertainment and change the face of Hollywood”.

The team of mentors will join StoryLabs director Gary Hayes for a five-day residential workshop running 21–25 November in the New South Wales Southern Highlands. The purpose of the clinic is to enable selected teams to develop a multi-platform production strategy and roadmap for their experiential film, television, interactive or game project.

Other mentors include Matt Costello (US), writer of ground-breaking and award-winning novels, games and television; writer and producer David Varela (UK); and story executive, writer and producer Neil Richards (UK).Laurel Papworth, one of Australia’s leading social media experts; Jennifer Wilson, Director of the multi-platform media company, The Project Factory; and creative director, producer, visual and new media artist and curator,Anthea Foyer (Canada), will also join the mentoring team.

Applications to the Digital Ignition Multi-platform Clinic close on Friday 30 September. Guidelines and application details are available on the Screen Australia website.


Lance Weiler (US) http://lanceweiler.com/press is recognised as a pioneer in mixing storytelling and technology. Businessweek named him “one of the 18 who changed Hollywood” alongside the likes of George Lucas and Steve Jobs. His films include The Last Broadcast and Head Trauma, around which he also made an acclaimed ARG (alternate reality game), and an online documentary series, Radar, which was nominated for a Streamy Award. In 2011, Lance’s Pandemic, an immersive storytelling project, was official selection of the New Frontier section of the Sundance Film Festival. He sits on a World Economic Forum steering committee for the future of content creation, and teaches at Columbia University on the art, craft and business of storytelling in the 21st century. Lance is founder of the Workbook Project, an open creative network, and writes a regular column for Filmmaker magazine on the impact of tech on entertainment.

Matt Costello (US) http://mattcostello.com has written ground-breaking and award-winning novels, games and television. He wrote the groundbreaking Pirates of the Caribbean 3 game across all platforms. Rage, a 2011 release from id Software which Matt worked on, won the most Game Critics Awards at this year’s E3, including Best Console Game. Just Cause, (co-written with Neil Richards) debuted as the number one game for Xbox 360 in the UK and was named ‘Best Adventure Game’ at the 2006 E3. Other notable games include: Doom 3Hercules for Disney, The Dark Half for MGM, Derelict for The Syfy Channel, The Clue Chronicles for Hasbro,Barbie’s Riding Adventure for Mattel, Clifford’s Reading for Scholastic,Starsky & Hutch for Empire, and The Italian Job for Eidos. His novel Beneath Still Waters was filmed and released by Lionsgate and Penguin/Putnam published his latest suspense novel, Nowhere. His new novel, Vacation, will be published by St Martin’s Press in 2011.

David Varela (UK) www.davidvarela.com is a writer and producer who works across a huge range of media. He is currently producing and writing a global ARG sponsored by Reebok and starring Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life is running in nine languages for eight months, with live events staged in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Prior to that, David wrote and produced the world’s first console-based ARG, Xi, based in Sony’s virtual world PlayStation Home. David’s background is as an award-winning writer for theatre, radio and advertising. His stageplays have been performed at the ICA, the Royal Court, Hampstead Theatre and RADA, and his short films have premiered in Leicester Square and been broadcast on ITV. He has also written several one-off dramas for BBC Radio 4 and BBC7.

Neil Richards (UK) http://storylabs.us/mentors/#NEIL-RICHARDS has story executive, writer and producer credits for BBC, ITV and Channel 4 in drama, children’s and entertainment. Since co-writing Starship Titanic with Douglas Adams in the mid-90s he has worked increasingly in interactive media, scripting children’s iTV, education, broadband and platform games, earning three recent BAFTA nominations, an IGDA Writing Excellence nomination and a Writers’ Guild nomination. He has written more than 20 game scripts including the popular titles DriverJust Cause (1 & 2)Broken Sword and The Da Vinci Code. He has mentored in workshops for BBC, PAL (Media Programme), PILOTS (Media Programme), PYGMALION (Media Programme/Paris/Berlin Film Schools), the Akademie für Kindermedien in Erfurt and Crossover Labs. He was one-time senior lecturer in screenwriting at Bournemouth University. He has also consulted for the BBC as a producer in creative development, devising and running Creative/Interactive Labs across the BBC.

Laurel Papworth (Australia) http://laurelpapworth.com/about has been creating and managing online communities for over 20 years. Marketingmagazine named Laurel ‘Head of Industry, Social Media’ for Australia and AdAge named Laurel in the Power150 bloggers globally. She is CEO of The Community Crew setting up online communities on forums and managing them including Everquest, Ultima Online, Westpac Bank, Junior Masterchef TV show, Middle East Broadcasting (women’s online community), Singapore Military, journalists with The Australian newspaper. She has been runningvirtual online communities since the late 1980s including virtual worlds and forums. Laurel teaches workshops on online community management, social media press releases, Facebook marketing, increasing your Twitter reach, and social media monitoring and measurement to governments, corporations, small business and not for profits in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.

Jennifer Wilson (Australia) is a Director of The Project Factory – a multi-platform media company. Jennifer teaches courses in multi-platform, trans- and convergent media. She works with emerging leaders across all forms of media to help them understand the connected, networked world. She has authored books and papers aimed at writers and film makers covering key concepts, business models, rights issues and new ways of thinking about copyright. Jennifer is a member of SPAA, on the board of AIMIA and chairs the Mobile Industry Group.

Anthea Foyer (Canada) http://antheafoyer.com/sidebar-menu-parent/about is a creative director, producer, visual and new media artist and curator. She has created, advised and mentored on a wide range of critically acclaimed projects including graphic novels, online narratives, wearables, interactive installations, participatory theatre, live events, multi-platform experiences and television and film convergence projects. Anthea is currently Co-founder, with Alex Mayhew, and Creative Strategist at The Labs, a creative and strategic consultancy that helps to deliver truly convergent properties that transform multi-platform challenges into opportunities for creative and commercial success.

For information about Gary Hayes, the director of the Digital Ignition Multi-platform Clinic, visit: www.personalizemedia.com/about  and for more information on StoryLabs visit: StoryLabs.us

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Teri Calder T: 02 8113 5833; M: 0408 440 995

Mutual NDA

This is a simple mutual NDA/CDA which protects both parties and encourages a mutual co-creative exchange of info. Its purpose is to protect any prior art/IP for mentors and project teams and is a single blanket single agreement for all mentors and individual owners of each project

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Between Those Named as StoryLabs Mentors & Persons submitting projects into StoryLabs

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StoryLabs Launch

As you have likely noticed StoryLabs launched officially to the world on 26 August in a slightly old fashioned way with distributed press releases but as we know particularly with this community it will be a long 6 – 12 months before this community really takes off and lives up to it’s intention. Part of that evolution is spreading the word so we encourage you to source and recommend great new storytellers to join the network and become part of the conversation – this is a two way process vs other labs that broadcast once in a blue moon!

So in true Social Web style become part of a community that will change the face of storytelling – oh and again here is the release copied below for those who may have not come in through the brochure part of the site, front door 🙂

For Release 9 a.m. GMT – August 26, 2010 – printable PDF download click here

StoryLabs Launched to Create and Educate the Next Generation of Storytellers

    Global transmedia experts join to launch story innovation lab in four countries

Sydney, Toronto, Los Angeles, London, NYC – August 26, 2010. Support for the evolution of storytelling enabled by new technologies took a giant leap today with the founding of StoryLabs, an organisation of leading international multi-platform and transmedia creators dedicated to the education and mentoring of storytellers. Powered by a unique worldwide mentor network, participants will benefit from the rich knowledge and experience of renowned professional experts including innovative digital producers, games creators, TV and Film writer/producers, social media and community experts and transmedia content creators.

“Technology has created both new tools and new ways to reach connected audiences. Mastering these new storytelling tools in the changing media landscape is the mission of StoryLabs,” said Gary Hayes former BBC Senior Development Producer, CCO MUVEDesign and Australian StoryLabs Founder. “StoryLabs experts are the actual pioneers and commercial leaders in their fields pushing the frontiers of storytelling across many different platforms. StoryLabs is dedicated to the evolution of storytelling through its incubator labs and a persistent mentor community”

Storytelling 2.0 and Specialised Development Tracks

StoryLabs deep focused project mentoring cycle will go from incubation to production and distribution providing an education in the writing and design process and best production practices. Development tracks include: Ad Lab focused on cross media advertising, Mobile Media Lab, Community Lab focused on Social Media Story, Games Lab, Innovation Lab focused on story around new services & product and Transmedia Lab focused on the development of new forms of storytelling.

“The elements of a good story that engage an audience such as story arc, compelling characters and good production values don’t change in a transmedia world,” said Matt Costello, US StoryLabs founder and writer of The 7th Guest, Doom 3 and the 2010 E3 award winning Rage. “At the same time we are seeing new forms of storytelling that for the audience are part rich narrative, part play and game as they become co-creators and ‘users of story’. We are here to enable that kind of innovation. “

StoryLabs mentors, who have had extensive experience in other lab environments, will provide a hands-on opportunity for brands and media properties to advance new story formats and to shape a fully integrated story based transmedia solution.

“Towards the end of the 90s there was a real energy around interactive story-telling which has slowly evolved into today’s buzzword, transmedia” said Neil Richards, UK StoryLabs Founder and Director of The Mustard Corporation. “We intend to go beyond the hype and at the heart of StoryLabs is a belief that whatever the platform or purpose, however participatory or shared – there are universal qualities of good story-telling.”

StoryLabs Network and Engagement Futures

StoryLabs is also hosting an evolving mentor and participant online network that will allow experienced incubator labs mentors and participants to continue to engage in the creation of new form storytelling. There are twenty four renowned global story and experience creators listed on the StoryLabs site, four from Canada, nine from Australia and seven from the US and UK.

“Entertainment shouldn’t be restricted by national boundaries.”, said Tony Walsh, Canadian Founder and CEO of Toronto-based Phantom Compass: “StoryLabs recognizes that great stories are universal.  Our network connects top international mentors to creative personnel, propelling emerging projects towards global markets and audiences.”

The StoryLabs network invites TV/Film writers, games storytellers, advertising writers and others who want to evolve their projects to initially provide expressions of interest at StoryLabs.us/submit and begin a conversation about changing the face of storytelling.

“I am seeing a tremendous shift in the foundations of the film and TV industry as storytelling becomes dramatically more experiential”, said Brian Seth Hurst, CEO of cross media strategy firm The Opportunity Management Company who is currently at work with transmedia pioneer Tim Kring on the Conspiracy For Good. “Working with some the top TV and Film creators I am deeply aware of their desire to understand and develop new ways of reaching and including the audience and building vibrant communities. In the early days of TV new production processes were developed that became standard, I see the StoryLabs serving that function relative to new forms of storytelling. I am truly honoured and excited to be part of this initiative and I know participants will greatly benefit from the pooled expertise.”

StoryLabs are planning incubator labs for the first quarter of 2011 and Screen Australia are already onboard as a first sponsor. Other agencies & funding bodies who want to bring the StoryLabs process and incubators to Canada, UK, US or Australia can become a regional partner or sponsor in the first instance by contacting info@storylabs.com.au

For more information, press only:

  • General enquiries – info@storylabs.com.au
  • Australia – Gary Hayes, gary@storylabs.com.au +61 2 8097 9851
  • Canada – Tony Walsh, twalsh@storylabs.us
  • UK – Neil Richards, neil@story-labs.co.uk
  • US – Matt Costello, mattcostello@storylabs.us

For more information on StoryLabs:

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