Eight Feature Film Projects selected for StoryLabs and Screen Australia Training Lab

Screen Australia and StoryLabs have selected eight of the top feature film projects in Australia at the moment for our week long ‘movie extension/campaign’ clinic next week – Nov 26-30 2012. The teams for each of these feature some of the best filmmakers and digital producers in Australia at the moment – and it is going to be a very inspiring, challenging and productive week for all.  There is a follow up day seminar in Sydney CBD on the Monday afterwards featuring all the mentors who are introduced in detail in this post.

The organisation for these intensive workshop events goes waay beyond a simple conference, and we are very confident in the process which has a long history, including of course 5 years of LAMP in Australia (archive site). The press release from Screen Australia is below and contains all the team details:

Screen Australia and StoryLabs today announced eight teams and their projects for the Digital Ignition Multi-platform Clinic, a five-day residential workshop focused on developing multi-platform extensions for forthcoming Australian feature films. Directed by StoryLabs founder Gary Hayes, the Clinic will be led by 10 world-class experts in film campaign design and experiential storytelling, who have worked across properties including King KongGame of Thrones, The Bourne Legacy, Terminator Salvation,Magnolia, Titanic, Pandemic, Salt, True BloodGangs of New York, Pirates of the CaribbeanStorm Surfers 3DLost and many more.  It will be held in Sydney 26–30 November.

You can also hear from all these experts direct, at a one-off full day public seminar in Sydney immediately following the Clinic, on Monday 3 December. Screen Australia and StoryLabs’ Film 3.0 | Making Multi-platform Movieswill present insights, case studies and practical guidance on producing multi-platform extensions for feature films; turning them from one-off views into an exploratory, expanded ‘storyworld’ spread across mediums, platforms and devices.

Attendance is strongly recommended for both film and digital industry professionals.
Don’t miss out – book now! Cost is $50.
Tickets from multiplatform-movies.eventbrite.com.au

The selected teams and projectsfor the 2012 Digital Ignition Multi-platform Clinic are:

Genre Sci-fi thriller
Production & Acquisitions Exec Rachel Okine (Hopscotch/eOne)
Acquisitions & Marketing Director Sandie Don (Hopscotch/eOne)
Head of Digital & TV Louise Balletti (Hopscotch/eOne)
Digital Marketing Coordinator Sebastian Strackowicz (Hopscotch/eOne)
Synopsis Frankenstein’s monster, named Adam and having taken the surname of his creator, becomes involved in a war between two immortal clans in an ancient city.

Genre Sci-fi thriller
Producer Tim McGahan
Writer/Director Michael Spierig
Multi-platform Producer Guy Gadney
Synopsis Predestination chronicles the life of a Temporal Agent who on his final assignment must recruit his younger self while pursuing the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.

Genre Horror
Producer David Redman
Producer/Director Michael Adante
Synopsis It’s a brilliant bank robbery. The only contingency no one could’ve planned for: one of the hostages is a werewolf. Turning the bank into a death trap… and a criminal into a hero.

Genre Apocalyptic Noir
Producer Angie Fielder
Co-producer Polly Staniford
Writer/Director David Barker
Distributor Michael Wrenn (Greenlight)
Synopsis A man who believes he is Jesus must fight against a corruption and lies to prove he is innocent of murder.

Genre Drama
Producer/Writer/Director Sophie Hyde
Digital Creative Directors Daniel Koerner & Sam Haren
Synopsis When 16-year-old Billie and her mother, Jane, promise to meet every Tuesday afternoon to help Jane transition from woman to man, neither expect that over a year their well-meaning arrangement will change their family forever.

Genre Drama
Producer Maggie Miles
Transmedia Producer Fahim Ahad
Developer James Boldiston
Synopsis A bold cinematic event based on the best-selling collection of short stories by Tim Winton.

Genre Sci-fi thriller
Producer Lisa Shaunessy
Writer/Director Seth Larney
Transmedia Producer Rachel Storey
Synopsis One man’s journey to the future to save a dying world.

Genre Mystery / Docu-drama
Producer Kath Shelper
Writer/Director Warwick Thornton
Multi-platform Producer Majhid Heath
Distributor Courtney Botfield (Transmission Films)
Synopsis A collection of poignant, sad, funny and absurd Indigenous ghost stories from across Australia brought to life with some of the country’s most iconic actors being the storytellers. The Darkside gives a black perspective on the afterlife.

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