Igniting the Imagination of Many, Architecting Story Worlds – Lance Weiler – Lance looks at new form storytelling and a less talked about attribute, value. He explores how in the attention economy it is important that story has utility, still entertaining but also have purpose and intention. He reiterates his Pandemic and Head Trauma transmedia case study in this context and social or community exploration and talks further about the balance between hyperlocal and global world building (how local can cause global effect) in reference to Hope is Missing (sci-fi horror) and Laika. Lance shows how his worlds can easily extend to physical space and story focused shareable objects – where the social connected objects and communication devices connects users to actual characters and draws them into the narrative. He introduces his collaborative social benefit project called Igniting the Imagination of Many, kids problem solving world issues together and the importance of having a solid set of design principles before setting out on complex multiplatform story telling. He finishes on 6 key tips to create transmedia story including ‘taking time’, ‘why are you doing it’, ‘let go of a single point of view’ and more crucial words of advice.

Igniting the Imagination of Many, Architecting Story Worlds – A presentation by Lance Weiler, given at the StoryLabs & Screen Australia Film 3.0 labs and digital ignition seminar held in Sydney in late Nov 2012. StoryLab’s Podcasts: Recorded and Produced by Gary P Hayes

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LANCE WEILER (US)  Twitter – Lance Weiler is a storyteller, entrepreneur and thought leader. An alumni of the Sundance Screenwriting Lab, he is recognized as a pioneer because of the way he mixes storytelling and technology. WIRED magazine named him “one of 25 people helping to re-invent entertainment and change the face of Hollywood.”  He sits on a World Economic Forum steering committee for the future of content creation and teaches at Columbia University on the art, craft and business of storytelling in the 21st Century. Lance is currently working on a trilogy of participatory storytelling projects the first of which took place this past Fall and included an actual space launch.