New Media Production & Design


How to produce for the future when the future is now. An overview presentation from Sohail Dahdal at a LAMP orientation seminar in 2005

Gary gives an informal and demo rich talk about how to design the user experience

Catherine and Sohail take you through the A to Z of production methodology from the concept stage through scope, design and creation looking at the various deliverable markers along the way.

Ric Holland – Achievable technical solutions for creative ideas given at LAMP orientations during late 2005.

Peter Giles – A presentation at the opening of the first LAMP residential in South Australia in 2005 looking at production opportunities in fragmented markets

Catherine Gleeson & Peter Giles – A combined presentation looking at the future of design in cross-media environments.

A presentation by Gary Hayes at the 3rd LAMP residential in Perth, Australia in 2006

Beyond Linear – Gary Hayes

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: beyond linear)

Gary Hayes – A presentation given to creative professionals and government decision makers in Hobart, Tasmania in March 2006

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