Following on from the successful Clinic and Seminar’s StoryLabs ran for Screen Australia’s Digital Ignition initiative we are proud to launch the StoryLabs podcast. This will feature interviews, presentations, panels and become a general transmedia and multi platform resource. There are already 15 ready to go in the queue released weekly so subscribe below directly via iTunes or using the Feedburner link to a podcast client of your choice. The next episodes will also have their own page and player on this site.

First talks feature 1 hour talks from Lance Weiler on “The Creative Story World Process” and Laurel Papworth on “Story Communities”. More detail below.

Audio and Video Recordings of talks and panels at StoryLabs workshops and events. StoryLabs were formed in Australia, Canada the US and UK aim is to pioneer digital content creation, strategy and innovation through strong, multi media story engagement. Time to go beyond simple new media & tech orientation, business networking or basic proof of concepts and step up to the next level – create story rich, original IP and new form entertainment, products & services. Podcasts Recorded and Produced by Gary P Hayes.

Story R&D: Lance Weiler: StoryLabs & Screen Australia Clinic

Released Jan 22, 2012

The Creative Story World Process – How transmedia is both commercial and real, the studio and broadcast system and how to create stories that engage and extend across platforms. Exploring services evolving from one to another using key case study of how Head Trauma moved into Pandemic and other projects. A presentation from Lance given at the inaugural Screen Australia, StoryLabs digital ignition lab held in Robertson in late November 2011. Podcast Recorded and Produced by Gary P Hayes.

Lance Weiler (US) is recognised as a pioneer in mixing storytelling and technology. Businessweek named him “one of the 18 who changed Hollywood” alongside the likes of George Lucas and Steve Jobs. His films include The Last Broadcast and Head Trauma, around which he also made an acclaimed ARG (alternate reality game), and an online documentary series, Radar, which was nominated for a Streamy Award. In 2011, Lance’s Pandemic, an immersive storytelling project, was official selection of the New Frontier section of the Sundance Film Festival. He sits on a World Economic Forum steering committee for the future of content creation, and teaches at Columbia University on the art, craft and business of storytelling in the 21st century. Lance is founder of the Workbook Project, an open creative network, and writes a regular column for Filmmaker magazine on the impact of tech on entertainment.

Story Community: Laurel Papworth: StoryLabs & Screen Australia Clinic

Released Jan 22, 2012

The Story Community. Building community around your story and game world and then growing and managing that community. Using examples of Big Brother, Master Chef and various online games, a step-by-step guide on how to build loyal users. A presentation from Laurel given at the inaugural Screen Australia, StoryLabs digital ignition lab held in Robertson in late November 2011. Podcast Recorded and Produced by Gary P Hayes.

Laurel Papworth (Australia) has been creating and managing online communities for over 20 years. Marketingmagazine named Laurel ‘Head of Industry, Social Media’ for Australia and AdAge named Laurel in the Power150 bloggers globally. She is CEO of The Community Crew setting up online communities on forums and managing them including Everquest, Ultima Online, Westpac Bank, Junior Masterchef TV show, Middle East Broadcasting (women’s online community), Singapore Military, journalists with The Australian newspaper. She has been runningvirtual online communities since the late 1980s including virtual worlds and forums. Laurel teaches workshops on online community management, social media press releases, Facebook marketing, increasing your Twitter reach, and social media monitoring and measurement to governments, corporations, small business and not for profits in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.